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And. I guess in money that you make in this one event now counting the prize money. Just two consignments in different things that you get as it's the big deal for us. And we'll come down here to get it. It won't be his day. Today is the hood has gone up once again on buddy baker's machine looks. As if Dame fortune is frowned again on buddy Baker, Charlotte, North Carolina Varney. Well, the field is now until the Pontiac safety car in the middle of turns three and four again. It is Neil bought it riding on the point in bonnet has moved up into the lead under this lengthy caution flag your day told us the second one this afternoon. Remember they started the race under a green and yellow condition. And that second caution flag coming out a moment ago on lap thirty one when Bobby and Donnie Allison spun in turn one into the driver's ready in the fans already as Donnie Allison takes late pitstop gets his Hawaiian tropic car back onto the banking down in the West End of the speedway the field into will pull up into turnover. Three. We will go racing. This time they bunch them tightly in the back shoot. Let's take a look at the deal with Gerry Gerald overturned three as they get ready to cut them loose again. Bulls by on the high side of the track against the move away from the field. Now, they begin to form to live for the cars that have been left. Pulling the inside of the superspeedway Neil Bonnett has come from a twentieth starting position he's come a long way. But he's got four petty Waltrip right behind him as we get set for the green. I'm certainly not as Neil Bonnett takes the point spot right now to members of the Alabama gang relinquishing the front positions. One other is right there to take over and certainly in later bottom. Neal Brennan's problems here this week during speed weeks. They turn it's good for the the the frontline now say motor through turn them before. They are set to go racing safety car dives on a pit road. And here they come to the stripe under green again as they moved out of line, bonded and fort quickly league up quite a fool away. Richard petty Betty comes up through the hangs out of the draft as a head down to turn one. It's a two car breakaway. Turn one ten colleagues separate second for third. Neil Bonnett in the high grew Foyt look slow, but stays in the draft eight Carling's back to Richard. Petty in the third slot. He'll Yarbrough laps downright sports on the draft. Darrell Waltrip has the fourth position ahead of ties, Scott, Naylor, heart Benny, Parsons, Neil. Todd little to smile about during speed weeks Daytona. But right now, he has the lead. But he also has a challenge for AJ Foyt foot ducks for the inside as they go into three. They're by side-by-side petty pulled up within three Carlex if they cut the he lied all AJ takes though a Rhody house. Reassumed laid right now, Richard petty tugging behind the Bon Yarborough automobile down to come on trucks off the pace thanking the low route and our Walter for Trump the pace in fourth twenty five cars in the brunt draft. Boy, bought a second third fourth as the shuffled around a change in leadership as it goes around the outside and turn one and goes after the lead at Bonn it comes right back on the low side of the racetrack Waltrip following in his draft with tie, Scott. They all move around AJ buoyantly Neil Bonnett out of turn to Darrell Waltrip anti Scott in a tight graph. Their ten cars tucked tightly together in the backstretch. Here does Waltrip are we've got trafficked out of extra to. They're jamming three wide. Now. The shoot coming into three. We've got all kinds of excitement with Wolfram taking its high Scott running right tight in a long deal. Bodice and Bobby Allison, of course, down lapses right up there with the front runners tie, Scott Young, Pennsylvania driver. He goes second. Now goes down low on the racetrack Norton Madore Hanover planet, but find it now makes a move trying to draw on site. Darrell Waltrip for me, bonded, goes downstairs and appropriates to lead. Bobby Ellison trying to gain back one of his two lap deficit runs in second on the racetrack. But he is well down in two laps behind the leader. And the present time your leader is out front. It's car number five and that would be Neil Bonnett in front of Mike joy surprise for second spot young Thai Scott dirt track as turned Grand National driver has the cello through another great rookie, Dale Earnhardt boost to the inside in the backstretch all the trying to get one of those laps back looked like he may be doing it right now because he's moved to the head of the back Earnhardt behind him bidding for the lead along with monitor Earnhardt, admonished chasing, Bobby Allison, who has doubt left there side by side. Learn how to read quite the afternoon here. Yesterday bothered only by a cut tire late in the race. She takes those ride Dornan Dornan when the Earnhardt stay glued under the most of the racetrack handling, well, they go to the finish line. Bobby Allison tries to pull away, and he will do it as hard and ties dot run door to door that will slow you down to young drivers hammering away at each other's. They get back into turn one from the Daytona International Speedway. This is the broadcasting company. A scramble for the lead. Traffic is heavy and turn three bod'ed Earnhardt Earnhardt takes the lead tie Scott right there with Truscott goes to the outside and the second spot. Neil Bonnett taking it down low. They try to chase down Dale Earnhardt second car running right now. Bobby Allison, though, he locked in a rear its young, Dale Earnhardt, say the patient has tri-oval this insatiable driver from North Carolina. Bulled in front of the strike daler. He'll still second up into third position. As Parcells as Bobby Allison tries to get that car in a position. Should we have another caution to get one of his laps back? The feel moves to the West Bank in front of my joy Barney. There are thirty cars in this league. Draft has many parts that goes downstairs takes the second slot for five Scott and chases. Dale Earnhardt, ask our wits that Cup racing at its best as they thunder are way turn three it's still Earnhardt ente-. Bobby Allison tuck them in that draft renumber laughed down. Benny Parsons valve moving into second. With Scott third by Parsons. He stays glue down low side Darrell Waltrip tight on the rear of Thais Scott's automobile, Dale Earnhardt with the advantage. But what's funny person? It's the better stores. They go downstairs cutting parson handling those sign over thirty cars are in that lead pack, a traffic as they come across the line at over one hundred ninety five miles an hour Earnhardt continues to show the way doing a great job Parsons sticks. The nose of the car down to the inside groove. He tries to move up a spot in turn one farces was back to fifth. Th-this chasing, the third spot running underneath young Thai. Scott Daryl watcher works, the high groove and another rookie, Harry Gant. Bottom of the racetrack. Tries to move up into the top five they exit turned to Earnhardt in the lead. There's so much traffic than Richard petty David Pearson past winter's, a Daytona are clear back in tenth and eleventh in this group is they come down into three Earnhardt still on top. Hi, Scott, second Marcin third. Darrell Waltrip running fourth then the rookie right automobiles air low side HA Foyt as the dick Brooks of the arrears into racing line right now as a through her number four, Dale Earnhardt, no socio over thirty cars being sucked along that Lee draft. And again, Parsons dies down to be inside. He would try to draft around Bobby Allison's card to get up to the to the leader as they hit back into turnover one. They squeeze Parsons down to the bottom of the racetrack. Benny has been trying to make it work on the low side. He is in the third spot behind ties Scott Darrell Waltrip scrambling for racing. Try to shut Parsons out of the trap out of her two parts speaks backup in earn. Arlene. Scott. Second arsons third day alert heart had frustration in the sportsman three hundred Tyler yesterday, but he has the lead right now on the Daytona five hundred miles many Parsons move into secondary Walter bidding for third alongside Thais Scott, many Parsons, we goes to the second place in Darrell Waltrip tries to use his draft three right through. But he ends up door handle the door hat on for that third place. Finalist. Hi, scott. Meanwhile, Dale Earnhardt the advantage funny. Moving into the outside tries to remove a rookie leads the Daytona five hundred right behind the seventy five winner. Benny Parsons goes downstairs once again out of the trial that he has taken over the lead as they go to turn one same place. Same way for Parsons. He's not giving it up. But he has the lead this time at turn number one and steps up to three car like the Bennett has Bobby Allison scrabble's for position against Dale Earnhardt. Walter Birt's got his fourth ruddy is Bill. Dick roaches. Six. Nettie is seven point is eight still close to thirty cars battling together down the back straightaway at full speed, but it's Betty Parsons number twenty seven who's broken open to a far Arlington daddy over Dale Earnhardt valley person. That are in the youngster Dale Earnhardt Earnhardt right now door handle adore Hata with Bobby Allison though, Allison a few laps down the second Slough showing the Thais got automobile sidelight silence. Sarah, walter. Nobody has ever seen a Daytona five hundred like this one. There are more than thirty cars riding than me trapping in his martians front. Earnhardt hanging on the second spot tie, Scott his third and Waltrip is charging through the field. Trying to make it up to the front as they head back to turn Barney so difficult is this thirty car draft that were unable to give you the first thirty positions because they see continued a see saw back and forth. Not only upfront where we keep you abreast of the lead changes. But also in the back in twenty eighth twenty ninth and thirtieth position there midway down the backstretch is they head to Gary Jerrell all blaze of color. They're still jammed together. Jockeying inside outside three toback stretching art front Earnhardt, a car and a half back high Scott racing third Thais Scott impressively here to stop before and Trump kicks. Darrell Waltrip back to eighth running position right now. Mainly the laters vote right by buddy parts, veil. Earnhardt readiness pay over youngsters made up ground one hundred and twenty five miles or completed in the Daytona five hundred Marsh leader, riding a second is earn hard Curtis. Hi, Scott, born Listrik Brooks. Fit belongs to deal bonded as go into turn one Betty Parsons upfront. They are single file and intern number one they're over eighteen car. Single file back to David Pearson. Who has just lost three positions of the later. Mercury Parsons leads Dale Earnhardt five Carlos back the Thais Scott in third arsons now try to protect the advantage of it hurt. Hardest Huck bright in on his back bumper they're locked together in a very tight draft out only to make it a couple of separating them as they go into the high banks of territory interesting, I guess today, Dale Earnhardt used every piece of real estate of Annibale right now, he's content that tucked behind bunny persons knocks the way they want to turn number four still the Thais got automobile Grossen tie freezing the automobile system, but still battle to the line. Driving the front to some try to break the draft. No way as more than thirty cars continuing to ride up front if the Daytona five hundred today told International Speedway Fifty-three lapse into the competition. Benny Parsons leads this event run against second. Is Dale Earnhardt tie. Scott is third. Darrell Waltrip is fourth. Dick Brooks running in fifth. Six position to Ricky Rudd seventh to the SDP Oldsmobile for Richard petty. David Pearson is eight ninth position is AJ Foyt in tenth position as they go in front of ally gold, we

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