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Joe ingles the australian. He's probably kangaroo or to jumping. Joe caldwell fit in perfectly right now. You ever spent time in australia a little after my nba career. I was there with the french team i played for. Did you like you know. I had my wallet stolen. Sorry it's okay not too many out there. I got it back and seeing all right a lot to digest the food great line. I remember that game. And i remember ben. Simmons had a huge games. I think impede was out injured. They had no guys. Yeah i do that too so the game was real and the point was real too. I think with the forty two because he had a huge asset game. Yeah so these effects this happen you know. Joe ingles of course in. I don't know if i'll ever did go to australia. That pod sort of confused on that. I just feel with ben simmons. Big joe ingles connects connection to utah and not do not be probably did go to australia and he probably did get his wallet stolen so i think a lot of things point this in the direction of being real again true he. He was saying specifically that he played the frankly played for. I guess went to australia for a game. Yes that's what he's saying is what he's implying. Trae what he think. Well as lee mentioned these are some facts about the game had definitely happen. I think i was the game. That ben simmons afterwards was like joe aura rudy. Gobert is not the defensive player of the year or something right basically like i just let them up. I don't know it's tough. I've been off. I've been at the three in a row here. So gimme real with a big old grain. Salt skeets i will say the the joey. Kangaroo ingles like australian connection like not. They're not their finest work or maybe not as this work. I don't know which one. But i think it's them and i think it's real to you know you're you're you're you're on the spot there you're calling a live game and you're trying to think quick and okay. Let's get joe joe joe. We'd ingles australian got the i. I see how that happens on the broadcast. I will go real jd..

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