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We've heard reports well with the two weeks ago that Jerry was infatuated specifically, the word infatuated with Kyle pits the tight end out of Florida Brain, BOS and puppy dogs. Some people say he's the best quarterback player in this entire draft. You know the last time a tight end went top five was no, no blank them. That would be in me a long time ago, but that me Jay Novacek cowboys many years ago, Kellen Winslow, Surely Jay Novacek was like a middle round pick one window, heart and hustle kind of guy. 1972 And the guy is a player who I was not familiar with. Just the tight end was picked in the top five. That was the last time 1972. Yeah, I shouldn't have brought it up because I just blanked on the same. I'll find it for you. Okay. You know what it was Robbie Jacobson. Okay. He was good at it in from the seventies. Robbie Jake's fake news. There is no Titan named Robin chickens and Dominate the Googles for that. Jerry says that his infatuation Kyle with Kyle Pitts is a quote, distortion and quote on, he says. While the Cowboys will will realize the value they will grab the value. If a player is there, they will not pay attention to need. They will pay attention to value back walking all of his good quote. We're not going into that We're not going to go in there and spending inordinate value to go up there and get him in quote. S O. He's I guess. Is he trying to temper expectations for Cowboys fans? If you're expecting them to draft up to number for the trade up to number four, because I think that's what I'll take Atlanta's picking a number four. On if they don't take a quarterback You would expect that they're going to take Kyle pits the tight end. I don't know what the prices for the Cowboys to move up to that spot, but it would seem ludicrous to move up. Riley Odoms was a tidy highly, but his friends call him Robert Jacobsen, his pick. The pick before was Ahmad Rashad Vikings to Chicago to the ST Louis ST Louis Cardinals in the moderate shod a k a. Bobby Moore. Yeah, you know, another big picture thing on the draft. We're so bad at this and not we were just jerks. You talk on the radio, the people who do it. The people the NFL talent evaluators are so bad I was. I don't know how or why, but I was compelled to go back and look at the 2005 draft. That was one Alex Smith was taken number one. Overall. That's fine..

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