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They're always telling lies and they have this special interest. I don't know all the details of that but I do know something about our CIA and if you say that you can believe everything the CIA tells you then. We really do have a problem. I bet the Kennedy family. They wouldn't agree with that. Yeah we know the as you say when when all the smoke clears and it turns out. They have to revise way way way down. Don't expect them to say we're sorry they're GONNA don't blame us. We were just trying to as you say. Keep you safe. In the meantime we may find out that there may be as many or more that have died as a consequence of the shutdown. I personally don't know who anyone who's died from corona virus. I do know some some things about suicide. Some people have had some serious medical conditions. That have come up. That are life threatening because their doctors said we can't treat you. We've read about that. We know personally So these kinds things are coming up over and over and over and you'll never you'll never have to answer for it. They've never have to answer. You Know Texas in two thousand eighteen had ten thousand flu deaths in the Houston Chronicle. You can see the headline. We've had just over ten percent of that this year. We've seen a massive lockdown. Can't go to the hospital can't get your treatments can't go to stores shutdown restaurants It's a disaster. Occurs is statistics that will come out. Because I personally know and it's a pretty close to home people who didn't get proper medical care early on and it conditions deteriorated and we've mentioned before you know. They disrupted everything how many people really allies were saved with those two. Large military vessels They had one in West in California and they had eighteen people show up in hospitals were empty and they were firing not firing laying off people because nobody would come. They terrorized everybody about going in. I mean it's it's it's people will worry about the virus but you know what a lot of people worry about is. Is the bureaucracy coming in pestering you to death? You know. We got to take this test this test this test and check your family and everything else. It's that intimidation that really makes people frightened about trying to live a normal life. So the people really. I wish I could do something more to try to alert people to what's going on and I argue is should not that complicated people. People should cherish their liberties and cherish their responsibility to take care of themselves and not trust politicians. You know if you if you don't like what a couple people were doing. Why put them in government put out she in charge of all this? This is what we get. Dr Paul thankfully our our numbers are growing. And we're grateful that people are turning to us. It makes us want to work all the much harder early in the morning. Trying to figure out and put a show together every day but we want to keep in touch. Dr Paul. Mentions we talk about a lot. There's a lot of censorship don't want to entertain opinions that conflict with their narratives especially those that are pounded in their head by the mainstream media. So if you do WANNA follow us in a in a closer way. Go to the Ron Paul Institute website Ron Paul Institute dot Org and then just go and subscribe or better slash subscribe subscribe to our updates of course will never give out your personal information But we'll update you on things that are happening. The possibility of even having a conference who dot ball in the future at all but these kinds of things. We want to keep in touch so. That's a good way to do it. Dr Paul Good and I wind just closed by comment about tracking because I think tracking is a real issue has been around in history for a long long time. But it's always a tool dictators so you can't take a society that pretends they protect individual liberty and introduce the notion that the government has to track you because they want to take good care of your health and make you make you save and right away. That's a danger point and that is what's happening. They they do the they do the tracking and they do this with a dictatorship and the no matter what war that the bureaucrats WanNa fight and authoritarian. WanNa fight whether it's military type or the social type. It's always a war because if you're against war you're unpatriotic why is it that piece people people who have no peace are more likely to be labeled anti-american you unpatriotic and a main nasty person? I mean that that has to change and it hasn't been that way all the time and those issues are always split people in two different directions but I still believe that. There's a lot of people out there that would agree with and say yes. I'd like to have my life back. I'm sort of hoping that this little episode. We've had with current a virus. Wake up people and say. Why are we doing this? It doesn't help us. We're losing our liberties it didn't save lives. And I think there fee feeding us a lot of nonsense and that's why these statistics are important. They lie to about how many people have died from it and later on these figures will get much worse they lie to you and said Oh. Yeah those numbers are getting better. But next month there's going to be a new virus. We have to come to the point where we shouldn't be intimidated with any whisper of fear and because fears always promises are always going to exist but you have to ask the question. Three individuals Handle these problems better than government bureaucrats who have special interests who become powerful because they lie to the people so. I don't think the problem should be that that overwhelming I think the founders had it right the dictatorship they were living under. They didn't like they tried to give us a republic but unfortunately there's not much left of it but as long as we can speak out and change people's minds one person at a time which were still able to do. We have to do it. And that's where we have to concentrate our efforts in trying to persuade people that liberty is far superior to the authoritarian principles of abuse of our lives. What thank everybody for tuning in today to delivery report? Please come back soon..

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