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Managers are hoping to find them. Other jobs within the company. The Seattle times reports the move comes after a big drop in profits reported last month. The Northgate mall, is also going through a massive redevelopment adding a practice ice hockey arena, office towers in apartments in the past year. JC Penney's Macy's also both announced they're leaving and many other smaller shops have already closed. It is cool right now. But get ready for weather whiplash. We could get record breaking heat early next week in western Washington meteorologist, Steven radio with the national weather service says temperatures could be an upper eighties and Seattle and over ninety degrees near Olympia. But he has a warning before you try to cool off in lakes and rivers, even though we are getting the warmer temperatures and the water may look inviting. Remember that water temperatures probably still a little cool out there. And the cooler weather is going to start moving out of the region on Saturday night, and then Monday through Wednesday will be hot tomorrow. Snohomish counties famous big four ice caves will be closed. Sheriff's deputies the navy and the forest service are practicing emergency response drills Colton Whitworth with the US forest service says it is a popular summer spot are pretty if you look at them, it's basically a cave that's created because of these avalanche feels they Philip's snow and then water runoff from the mountains. Come down and cars case. But the caves can also be dangerous in two thousand fifteen summer, cave collapse. Killed him. Other from California and hurt. Others atop donor to the university of Alabama says he believes the school is punishing him after he called on students to boycott enrolling at the university in response to the state's new abortion ban. The university's board of trustees voted today to return a twenty six million dollar gift to Hugh Culverhouse junior and remove his name from. The school of law. They say he made numerous demands regarding the operation of the school, and that the decision had nothing to do with his call for a boycott. Let's check back in with Tracy Taylor. Now radio realtime traffic, an ugly day on the roads are slow. He had a couple of problems. One of which thanks for the text message at nine eight nine seven three just do it while you're driving Greenwood avenue, north and one hundred twenty fifth that got two cars.

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