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You want. But the car makers have the keys we start here. General Motors slams the brakes on thousands of workers, I've not happy about a car is not selling. Well, this gets bigger than five auto plants, though, what this move tells us about the future of manufacturing in this country. What do you do in your worst fears come true on the border? Clearly what happened during those clashes scared people. We'll take you to Mexico for asylum-seekers deciding whether they ever want to go near the US again, and a top witness might have just flipped back to President Trump's side. What exactly was he lying about? Why Robert Muller just cut? Paul Manafort loops. From ABC news. This is start here. I'm Brad milkey. More Americans are working by a lot last night. Mississippi, President Trump stood on stage touting his achievements. We've created four point five million new jobs, and we have lifted four point three million Americans off of food stamps. He was stumping for Republican candidates, Cindy heights. Smith was hoping to be named the states next Senator after today's runoff, but will cut your I was the president speaking under two large banners with a simple message promises made promises kept meanwhile, about seven hundred miles away in Youngstown, Ohio. I was looking at some of those big once incredible job producing factories people. There might have been thinking about promises made last year on July twenty sixth. I said those jobs have left Ohio. They're all coming back. All come back just down the road from where he made that speech was the Lordstown assembly plant, which has been making General Motors cars for fifty years and usually a plant like this focuses on one vehicle since two thousand ten Lordstown has proudly made the Chevy Cruz will yesterday. It was announced that's all going away. General Motors has now revealed it will lay off workers in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland, thousands of jobs, and at least three vehicles will no longer be made. In a bombshell announcement GM announced that Lordstown is among five plants in North America. They will not have a vehicle to make next year. No, cruises and Ohio know Buick lacrosse is in Detroit. No Chevy impalas in Ontario. The companies laying off fifteen percent of its North American workforce in the afternoon. President Trump spoke to CEO Mary Barra came out to meet reporters. No, I'm not happy about ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl was there and Jonathan promises. Made promises kept who broke their promise here. Well, this has been something. He's been talking about over and over again about factories being opened up in the United States, manufacturing jobs. Coming back a renaissance of the automobile industry, he's taken credit for this new. You look at what's happening with Ford and with General Motors in Michigan and Ohio. You look at the tremendous number of jobs that are being announced in so many different fields. That's what I'm proud of. This was a very unwelcome news for the president. Well, we know like it. And when we asked him about this reporters on the south lawn. He said he's spoken to Mary Barra. The CEO of GM, and I said, you know, this country's done a lot for General Motors. You better get back in there soon. That's so high. Oh, and you better get back in there soon. And when he was told that this has to do with poor auto sales specifically of the Chevy Cruz say well, then get somebody get a car that is selling well and put it back in. But the president said that he has spoken to recklessly with the c. And said he is not happy about this. Of course. What does that mean? What can you do about it? I don't know. Well, that's what stuck out to me though. John in two thousand eight you have the auto bailout over the next eight years, you've got people saying, you know, these factories there dying. Donald Trump comes along and says, I alone can fix it. The states that one in the election were Michigan, Ohio, like industrial states. If the economy under Donald Trump has the same issues DEM under Barack Obama. I mean for better or for worse. What does that mean for this White House? Well, when when you talk to supporters of the president, you the line you hear over and over again is but the economy is doing great the economy in Texas is booming. He's brought America back. He's kept that promise..

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