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Katina sawyer and welcome to the worker. Being podcast said today katina. You've got an article for us. What are we talking about today. Yes i do so today. I'm going to be talking about the importance of support from organizations for mothers who are returning back to work after maternity leave so The importance of their organizations providing support to them not just on them but on everyone in their house. So this guy Yeah so really some good arguments here today. If you wanna learn how to make an argument for why your company should treat women returning back from eternity leave better. This might be a good one for you to give a listen to sad that we need arguments that it's not just common sense but i'm very still learn more. Yes totally agree and excited to share what they found because it's pretty straightforward. What they found or what they found support for. They tested a whole bunch of stuff. That i'm not going to get into but we'll talk about what they did find support for and it's pretty interesting. Cool well i'm excited. Yeah me too. But in the meantime. I know that you have some exciting news to share with our hive events. Yes so anybody that follows us on. Instagram will already know this but we adopted two kittens this weekend. Yes they're so cute. They're so small. Like i can't get tiny. They are like every time. I like their heads. I'm like oh my god. Your head is like ridiculously tiny. Our they so tiny tiny little head. Yeah they're super super small but very sweet. They're bonded pair so their little sisters And one's name is conan and the others name is ray Kind of along our or wedding theme so we got married in kona and before our wedding. We did like a manta ray snorkeling thing at night. And there's time and in the area at the hotel for example the restaurant's called as on the bay Tons of manner is so without ray and kona slur a little hawaiian wedding babies. That's exciting. it's always so fun to welcome a new member of the family into the fold. And you welcome.

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