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Drought is over. That's it. But more rain's on the way another democrat has thrown his hat into the ring for twenty twenty former LA county children and family services worker who distributed child porn has been sentenced. Wait till you hear what the sentence was. And you tell me if you think it's rights five oh five we'll talk with ABC's. Lana zak. All right. So here's the deal. You talk about a tale of two countries. The North Koreans have a much different tale to tell about what broke down talks between President Trump and Kim Jong UN at the summit in Vietnam. This week. And it all depends on who you believe when it comes to what sanctions were asked to be lifted. What sanctions were offered to be lifted and for what in exchange we'll find out the North Korean side of the story. And then at six o five it's handled on the news. But let's start with some of those stories coming out of the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Just breaking overnight. Washington's democratic governor Jay Inslee has announced. He's running for president Inslee is known for his environmental policies. Are I'm running for president. Because I'm the only candidate you make to feeding climate change for nation's number one priority. Who does he sound like? Well, that's gonna bug me. All morning. All right, anyway, increase says this generation is the first to feel the sting of climate change. But the last generation that has time to do something about it Inslee caused fighting climate change a moral necessity and an economic opportunity tweet me this morning. This is going to bug me all day to who. He sounds like at JJ L KFI hit me up on Twitter. The US drought. Monitor says, the drought is over in more than eighty seven percent of California because of all the storms we've had. And like I said we are not done yet marines on the way this weekend. The state snowpack is at one hundred fifty three percent of average for this time of year. We need handle snowpack music a measurement taken from yesterday at the Philip station near south Lake Tahoe found one hundred thirteen inches of snow depth compared to just thirteen and a half inches a year ago this year snowpack supplies about thirty percent of California's water when it melts in the spring and summer. A body has been found inside a burnt condo in. Rosemead officials say that condo caught fire yesterday and was marijuana. Grow house. They've found twenty pounds of bagged marijuana inside of it. The man accused of killing eleven year old Linda O'Keefe in Newport Beach in the seventies has agreed to be transferred from California from Colorado to California to face charges. James Neal is now in his seventies. Investigators say relatives DNA was used to Lincoln to keep sexual assault and murder after she was kidnapped while walking home from summer school two. Chinese nationals have been indicted for kidnapping and extortion in southern California FBI special agent. Eric Arbuthnot says the crime spans the Pacific. It's also being worked jointly with the Chinese national police Arbuthnot says Russia Lau who also goes by Tony was kidnapped from San Gabriel back in July. And there was a two million dollar ransom. Sent by the kidnappers to China. Now, the FBI is looking for Laos body somewhere. Near the town in Mohave Arbuthnot says the kidnappers drove a dark Range Rover. And he says there's a twenty five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the body in LA. Kris Ankarlo, KFI news. A former LA county children and family services worker who distributed child porn has been sentenced to fifty two weeks of sex offender counseling, the man's two years state, president turn was suspended. Meaning he will only be locked up if he violates probation. He will be a registered sex offender for life. But he was a child and family services worker who distributed child porn, and he gets a two year state prison term suspended. So no jail time. A man who's sexually assaulted a girl and Wayne a park has taken a deal to serve three hundred sixty four days in jail instead of seventeen years in prison. The man avoided the longer sentence because the plea deal dropped five felony counts of lewd acts with a minor. Prosecutors say the assault happened twenty two years ago when the girl was thirteen or fourteen. A well known former youth sports coach in Orange County has been sentenced to three years in prison for sexually assaulting a boy starting when he was thirteen Scott dirt zone. The owner of Scott d'urso's total sports camp pleaded guilty in December two nine counts of lewd lascivious acts with a minor under fourteen seven counts of lewd acts on your child age fourteen or fifteen and one count of sodomy on a person younger than sixteen going on cops in Santa Ana have used a secret code to catch a man accused of having sex with a twelve year old girl. The girl was eleven when she used her second profile on tendered or start a seven month relationship with the guy wants he knew she was twelve. It was okay by him Santa Ana police, corporal, Anthony brewer Tanya, says the girls friend told her parents who told their school who told police and the girl gave up the special code. He would ask her. Do. You have homework tonight. She had a specific response. I'm not gonna say what it was. So that he knew he was actually talking to the child, but this time he was talk. Going to the cops outside Santa Ana police headquarters corporate Carson KFI in just a moment. We'll talk with ABC's. Lana Zak about what the North Koreans are saying happened at the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong UN..

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