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First time anyone remember this sad from the early 2000s before you calls for all bell fabrica before you can touch that all man you must first connect and the company that connects more of the world is alcatel a leader in communication networks david garo is author of the book bearing the cross martin luther king junior and the southern christian leadership conference he recalls a huge public outcry to that earlier ad and so he had this response to last night spot i was flabbergasted that dodge would think that running an ad like this would be advantageous rather than produce a backlash of criticism the excerpt of the sermon that we heard last night i was an expert from king's drum major instinct sermon can you tell us a little bit about that sermon and what king might himself have thought what about that sermon that particular zorin been using this ad doc in their sermon was talking about how he wanted to be remembered as a servant to other people king all ways you know across twelve thirteen years had this fundamental humility about his role and that's really the central theme of that sermon like a good many other of his sermons to and from what i understand where are passages in that particular sermon that warned against excessive spending particularly on cars yes dr king was not only a very outspoken opponent of racism king also repeatedly again and again denounced materialism a denounced the the pursuit of expenses of goods king lived a very ascetic wife i can remember more than thirty years ago sitting in the living room of the family home 234 sunset and mrs came pointed to the window treatment at the front of the living room and said essentially martin didn't want me to spend the money to buy those curtains said there is something a bit ironic about using his voice to drive consumer spending i'm sure is what is the criteria that the king is state uses to make decisions about how to use his voice we don't really know what they're criteria are or how much they got paid by dodge i would think it's in the millions of dollars quite frankly in contract asked authors and writers who nowadays water use kings words in scholarly books are fearful of the estate coming after them and that's really the most important thing to stress here else's not dodges buying the rights to the excerpts of this sermon but the fact that the estates' behavior again and again serves to diminish and and restrict the.

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