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Out per. Se but a lot left a lot of stuff on categorized. So we gotTA music. Lection that needs organized Lincoln's in the show notes. Italy's immunity covid nineteen, the sounds almost sounds like Malati Italy's immunity covid, nineteen contact tracing APP uses Google and Apple Tech for regions will pilot the exposure notification APP starting next week so A. They're going to be piloting this. Oh, Yun is Italian for immune on June eighth, and they're doing four regions to start out with. And this is one of the first APPs to take advantage of apples and googles contact tracing API. Follows, one Switzerland start piloting last week, of course, the pandemic hit harder than most countries as it claimed at least thirty three thousand lives there, and of course we're well over one hundred thousand. Sadly here in the United States, you knows how Kobe nineteen news is just completely fell off the wagon here in Michigan. We got an announcement today that. are going to be able to open on June eighth. Gyms no June June eighth. A gyms can open on June eight, but they can only have activities outside something in. How is Jim GonNa? Have activities outside of the GonNa take the treadmills outside, or what are they going to do so really? The gyms are not going to be really open, and they're saying maybe as late as July fourth, the open gyms here and in Michigan, but there's been a few things that have happened. I guess she kind of understood a lot of people going to. And maybe decide. It was time I. I don't Know So. Samsung's rotating mobile friendly TV goes on sale for nineteen, ninety nine and guess this was something that was demonstrated at cs. Course I missed. It's the Ciro S. E., R., O., T., V. and it'll do landscape or or vertical landscape or portrait. That's a better way to say it. And depends on what kind of hunting you're watching A. Guests you go into. portrait orientation when you WanNa Watch. Youtube videos demand down on a mobile phone. I Dunno just seems odd that.

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