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Surfing our playful waves. Visit JetBlue dot com slash Barbados for special vacation packages. Welcome to the weekend stakes preview. On the horse racing radio network, presented by naira bets. As they come for the top of the strategy three quarters went in one 13 and one and it is male foy with the lead. Malibu curl runs in second, then traffic lane in third. Followed by cafe society and malachite as they move for the 8th pole. It is meal four in front and she's got a three and a half length lead. Mallet 5 has moved up on the outside. It's meal 5. Trying to hold off malathi, who is coming on now on the outside. Neil foy and, the two curling fellows, mala fan got it. Molotov makes it three for three in her two year old campaign. She nails meal foy on the wire and the demoiselles. Now, here's Bobby Newman and Dave Friedman. Good evening. Welcome to another edition of the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on the horse racing radio network. I'm Bobby Newman along with Dave Friedman and we've got a dozen races to look at on tonight's edition of the weekend stakes preview. Most of them centered around aqueduct and delmar also a closing weekend special with the valedictory, a grade three event, north of the border at woodbine, Dave, the action just continues on my friend, even though it seems like we should be in a lull a few weeks after the breeders cup, the action never stops. Yeah, we've learned that there's no law in horse racing. The bottom line is there are money making opportunities throughout the year and quite frankly, they're good racists throughout the year. A lot of people kind of stop paying a ton of attention over these winter months. They're missing out. There's good racing across the country and I'm fired up to look at some of these. Well, folks, the cigar mile is almost underway at aqueduct. In fact, it's aqueducts fall and there is no shortage of huge races this weekend. So naira betts is getting you ready for it. If you're a new nyra betts customer, you can enjoy a $200 sign up bonus by using the code HR RN 200 join and

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