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They wouldn't speak publicly in restaurants and public places will private things. I think it's kind discussing with people carry out loud conversations with their cell phone and the other person is our miles away or a twenty miles away. I think it's bizarre that our cultures deteriorate to the point where social media can control everything likely now the states are fine Democrat Republicans but we need to get sort of trump trump doesn't needs knees realized we the public don't WanNa just vote for him. We want to advise him because he's not getting advice from his public as he got a bunch of knuckleheads around him neither globalist war crazies or just plain evil and the fact is there's divisions within our government that I think I call the sad or special attitudes of the the CIA and he's on a need to know basis we think because he's the bully pulpit. The trump is going to access to all this information about the different agencies what to do like area fifty one. I guarantee you trump doesn't if I could sit down with trump for half an hour is asked him a dozen or so questions will what he knows that I know from classified sources I guarantee you. His knowledge of these is classified. Things is nowhere near as high as mine. Even that's disturbing that our president doesn't know about these things but weather modification area fifty one are extra planetary Tori space programs and other things and so on he doesn't know I guarantee the man doesn't know right no he he's he's he's kept in the dark and unfortunately he's surrounded by people that are going to continue to keep them in the dark but I with the firing of of John Bolton It seems like there's hope because I do vividly recall. Oh vitamins ago you said it will be shortly about this time that will make a breakthrough and actually be able to contact prayer that we're going to make a breakthrough now. This may be the first layer of that breaks. There's more layers I have some other contacts. I'm working on very diligently and I'm praying hard because it's the most powerful thing sooners. It's not phoning. People not voted for people. It's prayer the first thing that most powerful thing you can do out there listener sister prayed and take action contact president president trump and say to John W spring this is rather experts like tomorrow got Jerry Barrett on Power Prophecy Gordon Chang on. There's there's going to be coming on this Thursday. He wrote the book the coming collapse of China and I'm trying to get on Gordon Kurt. The bill person is and people have to start understanding that that you know there are the people that have saved parts of the thing that seems to be correct like Harley slanger but he's a trumpet for the Communists. He's basically saying hey belton roads goods always good or they're not trying to take over. Hong Kong and Taiwan the Chinese communists or frigging crazy and dangerous and I always take a Harley to the task you know. Ds's being pushed by Soros us the the the people inside Hong Kong but they know the communist Chinese trying to take over Hong Kong because he realized they're losing business and they don't want business. Leave Save the China closet put a big marketing program for the last number of years especially takes shipping companies for America moving to China for manufacturing now last year for for years under G. They've actually forced them to hand over their technology and even manufacturing and their patents. It's disgusting people. Don't get it that we were in grave danger now. We we have an innovative economy and things we don't even have missile defense system so America basically is it will fade into the shadows of we don't wise up voted. Yes the situation in Hong Kong is very serious because what apparently you also have our provocateurs Vodkas tour's these are Chinese communists who more or less work with the demonstrators but basically are starting a lot of fires and creating a lot of the situations whereby some of the demonstrators are now getting killed by the police and you. I don't think most Americans are aware that just beyond the Hong Kong borders are thousands of Chinese Communist military vehicles just ready to move in then they aren't come in. They actually have false i-it's come in with false garb trying to pretend they're police start riots then start trying to wrest Chinese people that are in Hong Kong or just tried the operating business. Remember that's what emerging American flags because he want trump to liberate. The trump should liberate to me. She'd say China Hands off now. The person inside Hong Kong and tried to pass allow extradition of Chinese people inside Hong Kong would be extradited to the communist Chinese but the agreement they made with British get him at Lisa fifty year time period where couldn't be extradited outside Hong Kong China the communist Chinese are free now. They realize they're caught amies contracting thirty percent the third of the PLA members the majority eighty percent of the new billionaires. The world are all communist Chinese. Does it get a slave market and they've been bringing in people to stripping bring air businesses stripping our patented stealing our technology and gene wants to control the I that's why we had this recent conference with Ma from China this billionaire and and Elon Musk and they were arguing over things but they ultimately the Chinese WanNa control artificial intelligence and they wanNA control hacking into your consciousness and your physical body. Audie your DNA people's own all they wouldn't do that said you know you're an idiot and there's no cure for it took the Darwin effect which means you don't listen to me. You'RE GONNA die so I just GONNA be unpleasant. You're going to die because they resurrect this system of hell which they're doing step by step in China. It's going to be awful. I mean you think you're gonNA gotTA escape. I put the picture up for yesterday's news shows a picture of a room with a little boy seeing on a coach opposite a robot man playing chess with him and her two robot women standing behind another robot about one kind of approach down. That's the future. They want to build us. They want to build us where we in a cyber cage puzo no they wouldn't do that. I'm thinking you're an idiot. That's that's what they are doing. It step by step by step creating this. That's why look at the social media. They're out of control now aren't they. Even the States of Democrats and Republicans are getting ticked off often but trump. GonNa wind up realize if we don't maintain our hegemony over our American and innovative economy we don't have missile defense we you don't control become the power of the world and being God. They want not a totalitarian. No control freak newer water one. We're going to have halladay earth and that's coming quickly quickly. Isn't it come as quickly as next month. get that. I think you're just making this up and he goes no not making this up. I mean look they. WanNa put in the next two years. One hundred twenty thousand Salads six companies around the world. They're putting them in the roadway so putting them all over Los Angeles and Sacramento and other cities in America's attest. That's because eventually they want a ton of local so it'll be a lot even have your own car. The future does these means are crazy. They don't want automobiles was gas but they want. Electric TRUECAR's run by robots and you won't be able to drive your car on the freeway. It'll be a robot car controlled by a and if they say you can't drive go for pointing to point B. You're not going people. Don't get that to know now that they have no idea that we're headed for a regimented society in which the individual has no control what told no control million no prevention of forced vaccination or even termination. If you get too expensive at the state take care of you. I saw it in Canada yesterday. Middle class does better in the middle class in America because they don't want the high expenses but guess what you get really sick and Kennedy. Just don't go to community. They just give you a lethal injection kill. Ya I saw it. Canadian eight Cat Canadian healthcare is disgusting all right. I saw kill both my parents all right. Oh Dr Diggle. How do you know this stuff. I said firsthand son opened. You damned opinion well. That's odd very nice. Why do you think Dr Giggles name and Nice should be with a thousand miles of each other. I will die I for you but I won't put up with crap from anybody and people is so offensive. We don't want to call him to your show. Why not because you're not brave enough. Ask good good question. I'll give you an answer eight one eight hundred sixty four one but you know what I get very few callers because unless actually talked to the person on the phone and say I want you to call them certain time on a certain topic. Most people are only for freight to call it and he's going to embarrass me. I don't want to embarrass you. I want to teach you you need to realize I'm the laminant teacher and you're a teacher feature to we're called to be prophetic and apostolic and people to bring whistled for the most. I got was owner wisdom our civilization's dying it says in the Bible without my people pay hey we are basically feeding or dying for lack of wisdom or knowledge and says I show great to before the great and terrible day of the Lord I should bring a famine not a friend of bread and water but of the word the words isn't just the Bible we you and I are the word we are the physical walking word of God are we. We're the truth and you see by killing us by sanctioning us by twittering US Dhaka's off twitter and facebook. There's trying to silence the word we are speaking truth to the people and it's the only thing that's gonNa keep civilization alive. It's not going to be kept alive because we have good power distribution system or new genetically modified farming techniques so we have more food which is toxic our bodies or toxic stupid five G. and sixteen network narrow what we have understands. They don't have chosen because they don't have truth. They're going to die hi John Open opinion they said well. How do you prove that I said I got technology to prevent yes but it takes more than just technology it it takes devising wisdom a spiritual intervention of which yeah well. I just information to see what people don't WanNa say a little prayer now before nine eleven dear God to be reminding Jacob the God over America. I call for America the God over. It's a real hell Israel which is now ruled by the people of God which we're GonNa Bring on Dan Patrick to talk about this the the factors the state of Israel is run by sad so Saudi Arabia Special Activities Division. They're not a ton of running. Themselves doesn't run the country. It's run by sad. People don't know that today no they don't know that Saudi Arabia's run by San to and told the Arab Everett's I mean we see them being attacked by Ron and ron's run by Russia. Russia wants to research exert Salvia Union there are just rabidly interested in re establishing the Soviet Union taken over Latvia Estonia and they're really aggravated by we putting he just anti missile system would remain it used to be part of the Russian Empire. They're checked and Putin who doesn't drink vargas. Particularly techies not numbed by drinking vodka this guy's egoistical Satanic Maniac and people don't get it. Do they better. They better get so you know it's just like these are red haired. Eastern European Vikings in their rabbit and are vicious and their craziest health and you gotta take them seriously you. I gotTA stop pretending that they're stupid. They're stupid people these racer Martin people but they're evil. They're very very evil. Okay and guess what I understand that very clearly and I want people to understand the Chinese China. Psyche is basically these leaders G. He wants to be emperor for life..

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