Social Media, ZOE, Yara discussed on Code Switch - Talking Black-ish With Star Yara Shahidi And Creator Kenya Barris


This is my generation and these are kids are age point is i care a i just don't know what to do so we that's why it's important that we talk about it too i don't wanna talk about it what's the plate everybody i love is when you're talking about it all night and none of you know what the answer is honestly i don't even know what the point is sometimes i dunno you but i like i know you from social media and you seem to not be overwhelmed and have that hopeless feeling and i was just wondering were you hoping zoe would be a little more yara that episode in particular i was really happy with how it was written mind you we may know what we're talking about in the episode but we don't get the script until maybe a couple days before we start shooting and so when i was reading it i actually had to appreciate zoe stance on that particular issue just in that even as yara even as somebody who's like okay this happen cured ten million organizations to donate your help organize a zoe i think really does capture just the general feeling of melt the melancholy made sure of our generation of feeling as though we don't even choose to intake all of this information but it just happens i remember seeing the arm philander casteel livestream and not knowing what i was looking at of just like somebody at tweeted it and i clicked on it and just being what.

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