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The brewers place outfielder lorenzo cain on the disabled list with a groin strain elsewhere around the nfl as the phillies host the anki spun pitching matchup there luis severino jake arrieta going head to head it's not a super tuesday but matt harvey will pitch in atlanta it hasn't gone much better for harvey with the reds but he did hold the the cubs to two runs over six innings while striking out six his last time out and the marlins with a chance to leapfrog the mets deny and pull out of the nfl east seller the marlins hosting the diamondbacks and a mets loss marlins win bone the mets will end up last place in the nfl as that's to snap this seven game scared we'll get into the lineup and what stephen matt's has to do tonight coming up but again are the top news the big news here at city field sandy alderson taking a leave of absence due to a recurrence of cancer as the mets general manager and their current manager mickey calloway reacted in and they found out just about four o'clock and then sandy alderson met with the media not long after that and kelly was asked how tough is it to absorb in such a short period of time coming into this job obviously i had heard a lot about sandy alderson and the leader he was out bright mel selfless you know what a servant leader he was i experienced all those things firsthand and he lived up to all those qualities know now knowing that he went through what he went through he's a bad ass marine that's all i can say of course sandy alderson the former marine and a lot of emotions today as far as the mets are concerns you can imagine the people who have been around him day to day and and over the course of this time trying to get the mets going in the right direction and yeah amongst those the players you'll hear from david wright the mets captain on the pregame show with wayne randazzo coming up every tuesday night we chat with jerry blevins in his weekly spot here on mets on deck and i spoke with jerry about the meeting with sandy alderson that happened with the players earlier today and asked him just how tough it is for the players to to learn as they did i mean it's tough it's you know sandy is a big part of our station he's a big part of our lives he's done a lot for me personally he's a good person and to hear that kind of puts it into perspective you know we're battling baseball games and he's battling for his life you know you don't wish that upon anyone especially you know when he's feeling like he's in the clear you know has been cancer free for a couple of years after battling it and fifteen to kind of hear that is it's tough but you know he's a fighter and he's done it before and he's got the will and we'll be right behind him you know helping them out fourth season with the team how well have you gotten to know sandy over the years very well you know we've we've had plenty of conversations apart from baseball he's a very knowledgeable very smart intelligent person his ties to the military you get to know his you know his humanity side and.

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