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Tennessee will have more restrictions today Texas will not hear salons reopen Friday but one salon owner in Dallas who happen to worry is now in jail the judge gave Shelly loop of the chance to apologize calling her selfish but Luther replied she's not she had to feed her family please this is a long give her a week in jail in the seven thousand dollar fine he's meets the next toilet paper Wendy's the chain that gave us the phrase where's the beef now has customers asking that very question do will be shortage Kroger's and Costco are among the stores limiting the purchases because of a fear they will run out of stocks is Mike Tobin America's listening to fox news he'll be J. news time is eight oh two good morning I'm mark Caesar this update is brought to you by Adleman financial engines governor Greg Abbott is allowing new businesses to re open this Friday and he says the state will be ready if there is a surge in cases the state as well as local governments have established these testing traced teams the reason why you have those teams is because as you open up you there will be someone who will test positive and you want to trace it back to a state where it began a so you can test all those people hair and nail salons can open this Friday along with barbers on may eighteenth Janzen manufacturers can re open mayor Steve Adler says it's all a big mistake mayor Steve Adler says if governor Greg Abbott wants to go by the data then he should wait longer before letting more businesses reopen the governor should be waiting at least send us is three to four weeks after policy change so that we can all count the increased number of confirmed cases in the increased number of hospitalizations he says if the governor would wait for the data he could then make a more informed decision John Cooley newsradio kale BJ for that half of people hospitalized for corona virus in Williamson County are from nursing homes that is the finding from county judge bill Gravelle who says there's been an especially difficult struggle and stopping the transmission at the Trinity care center in Round Rock.

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