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Will cost an estimated one hundred forty two thousand deaths that America pretty Conklin with the Arizona office of the American cancer society says forget the perception that only smokers get lung cancer back is still the most important risk factor for lung cancer about one in five lung cancer the current people who've never smoked on Thursday is the annual great American smoke out Stephan Kaufman CBS news tyrants of a student at Cornell University they're demanding answers after their son dies following an off campus frat party the family now offering a ten thousand dollar reward for any information regarding the death of eighteen year old Antonio Cialis Cialis attended an unregistered fraternity sponsored event on October twenty fourth his body was found a couple days later in Cornell's botanic gardens no foul play is suspected although an autopsy is pending turns out stands could be no better than drugs for many patients of heart disease what do you study shows not censored by passes might be premature for people with severe but stable heart disease from clogged arteries Dr Judith Hochman of NYU school of medicine we just had a discussion about this it's late breaking clinical trial sessions at the American heart association meetings and the panelists agreed that this would be practiced changing and would lead to lower uses stance especially in patients who don't have symptoms for non emergency cases the study shows there's no need to rush into invasive procedures medication and lifestyle changes could be just as beneficial Tom Foley CBS news seven nineteen record setting days on Wall Street for the first time ever the Dow closes above twenty eight thousand that happened on Friday and the records continue to be built upon today in the early going down futures are up another eighty points also getting a green light on the S. and P. five hundred and nasdaq as well music's biggest nights bringing a couple new names to the show the Obamas could soon be a Grammy nominated couple the Grammy nominations will be announced Wednesday Michelle Obama is likely to be nominated for best spoken word album for her book becoming when I was a kid my aspirations were simple president Obama won two Grammys in the same category in two thousand six for dreams from my father and in two thousand eight for the audacity of hope one of my favorite tasks of being a senator is hosting town hall meetings other winners in the category include Hillary and Bill Clinton president Carter and Martin Luther king junior Wendy Gillette CBS news a return to the stage for a Stradivarius violins stolen nearly forty years ago nineteen year old star musician Nathan Meltzer featured the prized instrument during a performance in Cambridge on Friday violin taken from virtuoso Roman Totenberg in nineteen eighty was recently found in an attic in California and returned to his family Meltzer perform the same music Tautenburg played minutes before the priceless Stradivarius disappeared thank you to join us for the next WBZ business breakfast we will be on covering all of the mystery surrounding crypto currency like what the heck is it to start with our expert panel will discuss the emerging technology of virtual money and how it could be ready to change business around the.

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