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Shows, this is the most Michigan story I've ever read in my entire life. Really a Michigan. Where I grew up. You get something you get snow when normal people don't even get to know, you still get lake effect snow. Yeah. Now, the coldness and the water and moisture, and then you get snow even with normal places. Don't get it. You get it link affects. No. And by the way, Michigan's surrounded by five of them. Yeah. So it's all over the place. So you get used to this guy in the UP. That's the upper peninsula. Thirty-seven-year-old guy got stuck in the snow in his car on Tuesday. And then got arrested because he was so angry. He took the Glock out of his car and started shooting the snowbank. And that's what life is like a flame thrower. Instead the most Michigan story. Stuck in the guy guy? Start popping shots off at the snowbank for no reason. Little bit. Thank you. Pay. Japan. Me. Z morning zoo. Welcome to Friday March fifteenth or as we drinkers like the college.

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