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X. this is revealed and now let's Ammon Bundy got into two arms standoffs with the federal government it's about our federal government taking over private property years after the standoff ended the Bundy supporters are still active the Bundys inspired a lot of people who say they don't like what they're seeing in America people or her walking Kelly ation revenge they won't pay back for a lot of times today on reveal we team up with the podcast Bundy to find out what's happening inside the anti government movement but first this news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Barbara Klein accused sex trafficker Jeffrey abstain has hanged himself his body was found in his jail cell at a federal jail in Manhattan at around seven thirty this morning he was belt being held without bail after federal prosecutors charged him with sex trafficking girls as young as fourteen New York times reporter Michael gold is been covering the app sting case and says some of Epstein's alleged victims say they're disappointed we did hear from one of the people who kidnapped abstain who said that she you know is disappointed that he won't fully be brought to justice by weight when I entirely sure where the case will go from here that sting had pleaded not guilty to the charges his death comes a day after a federal appeals court released thousands thousands of pages of documents detailing abstains recruitment of young women and girls for powerful politicians businessmen and foreign leaders president trump says north Korea's leader wants to meet again after joint US South Korea military exercises end the president this morning tweeted details of the latest letter he received from Kim Jong un after Pyongyang fired what appears to have been more short range missiles the fifth launch in less than three weeks and piers Anthony kun reports president trump told reporters on Friday that he had received a beautiful three page letter from north Korean leader Kim Jong un he admitted that Kim wrote that he was displeased with the military drills which began this month North Korea emphasized that displeasure a few short hours later by firing off two missiles which traveled about two hundred and fifty miles before landing in the E. C. experts believe that besides making a political statement with the launches the north is trying to improve its capability to penetrate US and south Korean missile defenses so that it can hit any target in South Korea including bases housing some twenty eight thousand US troops Anthony cannon NPR news Hong Kong a funeral is under way in Dayton for one of nine people killed in last weekend's mass shooting and peers Bobby Allen reports one victim's family had just been recovering from tornadoes Dion green held his father Derek fudge as he was killed along with eight others when a gunman sprayed a crowd with bullets in downtown day and it's a nightmare at the sos but for green it comes after another tragedy a series of tornadoes that swept through the area in late may destroying parts of his home I mean I'm still in tragic shot from being at home with my fiance and my daughter in eighteen tornadoes just touches my area in just tears is all a part of life I'm still fighting that battle appeal then I get not back down again greens fiance survived the shooting and they're starting to get their house into better shape Bobbi Allen NPR news day and this is NPR democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren today introduced a plan to reduce gun deaths by eighty percent it includes background checks a ban on assault style weapons a federal gun licensing system in a moment minimum age for purchasing a gun a federal judge is siding with the Virginia man who sued his high school over a ban on trans gender bathrooms NPR's ladle Layla Fadhil reports civil rights advocates are hailing the decision is a victory the judge wrote in her decision that Gavin grams rights under the US constitution's equal protection clause and federal policy that protects against gender based discrimination were violated when his high school didn't allow him to use the bathroom that matched his gender identity there's no question the judge wrote the board's policy discriminates against transgender students on the basis of their gender non conformity grin now twenty has been fighting this battle in courts for years and his fight has come to symbolize the battle for transgender rights across the country the win follows other court rulings in favor of transgender students in states like Maryland Pennsylvania and Wisconsin school policies though remaining consistent across the country they love falls in NPR news police in Hong Kong again firing tear gas at pro democracy demonstrators who are back in the streets for a tenth consecutive weekend including at the airport where they're holding a three day protest and trying to explain their calls to visitors I'm Barbara Klein NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include the leukemia and lymphoma society the leukemia and lymphoma society is committed to bringing hope to patients with acute myeloid leukemia through its precision medicine clinical trial learn more at LL ask dot org move uhhuh center for investigative reporting in P. R. X. this is revealed I'm a let's this month to mass shootings happened within hours of each other over thirty people were killed afterwards people last familiar question how could this be happening today we're gonna be tackling that question by looking at how a group of people with extremist ideas increased violence to get their way and now they're believed to spread and in some ways become more dangerous the story takes us back to January twenty sixteen the sun is shining in the sky but the air is frigid and a small Oregon town man in a cowboy hat and a sick one of flannel climbs up the snow bank at the edge of a grocery store parking lot in calls out to a crowd of his supporters I'm not asking you to follow me I go to them now you're National Wildlife Refuge and we're gonna make a harsh there that Ammon Bundy his short speech on that snow bank kicked off a six week arm standoff with the federal government in a remote bird sanctuary in the middle of winter it's crucial that you understand what's going on here what this issue is truly about it's about our federal government taking over private property this Bundy's second arm standoff his supporters believe that the federal government has no right to public lands it should turn them over to the states there was father Cliven Bundy had for decades use public land to graze his cattle but refused to pay the federal fees in twenty fourteen the federal government came to collect that ended in the first arms stand off with the Bundys at their ranch in Bunker Hill Nevada we take you back to the standoff because they lead directly to our story today anti government groups and individuals a service to support the Bundys didn't go away when the Bundy state instead over the past few years people within those groups have become more bold and willing to use violence to get what they want today we're teaming up with the podcast Bundy bill produced by Oregon public broadcasting and long weeks to see how the violence that started with the Bundys has spread but the bills host Lisa Tilly joins me now Hey has gone so before we get to the season to remind us what happened to the Bundys after those two standoff came to an end both of those ended with these trials that a lot of critics would say the government botch so with the Nevada case they ended in a mistrial and in order again they ended in acquittals for for the bunny brothers and their co defendants so what's motivating the Bundys mean how did they get to the point of the first stand off I think to understand the bunny family you kind of have to understand that where they come from there's a real kind of anti government sentiment that a lot of people share you can look to win the Mormons came west in the eighteen hundreds part of the reason they did that was to get away from the federal government but then the government came to them and sort of started this idea that a lot of Mormons in that area feel that they were persecuted for their religion by the government so all this kind of led to Cliven Bundy standing off with the government in twenty fourteen so yet how did those religious beliefs kind of drives this this confrontation with the federal government the Bundy is hold a pretty specific set of friends religious beliefs that a lot of Mormons would not agree with and in fact the mainstream Mormon church in Salt Lake City when agree with so my reporting led me to this thing called the white horse prophecy which is basically this kind of urban legend among Mormon communities that that some people believe Joseph Smith the profit of the church told our early Mormons that they would settle in the Rocky Mountains and that one day the U. S. constitution would hang by a thread and it would be up to the Mormon people to save that from ruin now the church in Salt Lake doesn't think this is actually a real prophecy but the bunny family does in a lot of other people in these kind of anti government communities also believe that they believe that their fight against the government is them actually saving the constitution from ruin so where do the Bundys motivations and beliefs overlap with other groups that you've been tracking sense if you look at the the anti government movement you might remember things like ruby ridge and the Waco standoff with the branch Davidians and both of those events ended and people dying at the hands of the government a lot of those were kids so the anti government groups use those instances as recruitment tools times when they can say look that the federal government will come after people who live differently or do things their own way and they kind of turned a blind eye to the laws that were being broken by those people involved in ruby ridge and Waco so those events really informed Cliven Bundy in his belief that the government was after people so then when they came to collect his grazing fees he was seeing it as just the next chapter of ruby ridge and Waco but more recent turning point happened at the second one the standoff there was a shooting of one of the leaders of the occupation and that's gone on to inspire people to this day yeah and that man that was killed during the occupation was a guy named low voice finna comes so during the occupation authorities had orchestrated a traffic stop in a rural area with with no cell reception where they could easily arrest the leaders of the occupation so they pull over these two cars and they arrest Ammon Bundy they arrest several other people but lavoy finna come decided to drive away from that traffic stop actually tried to blow through a road block drive around it into the snow and then he he jumped out of the car all that was caught on tape and you narrative force in the first season of Bundy fill the scene picks up right after the voice in the come jumps out of his car and warning this is tape of a police shooting someone fires two shots that hit the truck he stumbles through knee deep snow keep shouting his hands are up at first then he reaches for his jacket pocket inside is a loaded handgun he put his.

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