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Four forty four ten that's nine five two eight one four forty four ten you can also go to the website at TMN dot com that's O. T. A. M. I. N. N. dot com well I just thought of something as we're all sitting here as your going through a retirement and we started this last segment out with Happy Days there and there's a lot of happy days right now in the rain into markets and hopefully everybody is doing really well in a four oh one K.'s an irate and they they should be doing really well right here which is which is a great thing that we have a phenomenal market let me ask you this we have a huge opportunity when this crashes when it if it does when it does but explain what I mean by opportunity as these markets go down because a lot of people are afraid of that sure how can you take advantage of it yeah the market isn't going to always continue to go up we know that it it never has and never will but it's always gonna go for these through these gyrations will go through a period these bull markets will go through bear markets a bear market is not a bad market is just a market going different directions opportunity it's another opportunity in and to be honest with you the opportunity to make more money faster is there in a bear market but if you're not prepared at the very least to not lose money in a bear market I have a huge impact on the quality of your life in retirement so think about this if you retire next year and we go through a market like we had in two thousand eight where the the S. and P. five hundred yeah by the time the that the recession was over the the S. and P. five hundred was down about fifty seven percent how would you like to start out your retirement your first year to to retirement losing half of what you had is that can impact your ability to be successful to live comfortably yeah absolutely ask the people that went direct in two thousand or two thousand eight and if you happen to be drawing money out of your account while it's going down that kind of depleted even faster that's why number one you can't let money be taken away from you but why not look at that as an opportunity to make money if you're happy days were there because you're in the market in this last year when it went up the Happy Days should continue what is going down it's it's like a car you know card to head you can go forward you go reverse if you can only go one direction your car it would really impede the ability to get the maximum benefit out of acting I much longer if thank you much longer so yeah they eat their opportunities and who do you think is is consistently making money in a down market institutions institutions Wall Street is just the people have been educated that's all it is it all gets down to education it gets down to again to that supply and demand and in the supply area if there's an over abundance of supply that's an over abundance of sell orders that that is a point at which the market is going to or an individual asset is more than likely going to roll overs gonna stop going up and start going down that when something starts going down and it's typically caused by a an institutional or institutional activity selling activity in churning activity that's what a downward trend start you want to be in at the closest point to that turning point as possible we talk about the the high quality trade sets low risk high probability high profitability that always happens at or near the turning point in price and the turning point in price happens when the institutions do their activity there you're buying or they're selling and I know a lot of you may have never heard of this before you can profit in down markets is actually another opportunity and we've been told in condition is not a good thing here's the thing here's our the facts we have three directions the market they go up as one opportunity they go down that's another opportunity they also go sideways that's if they're so there's three opportunities that you have with these financial markets and al you teach classes all the time but how you can profit in any market condition and I'm I'm triticale has classes all the time we can see what it takes to first off have enough during retirement but also to continue that revenue stream while you're retired and I want to give away.

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