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Thanks for coming on yeah thanks for having me so what makes taco bell cantina different from a regular taco bell other than the beer this taco bell specifically is a non derived through taco bell so it's intended to be entered from the street you know the kind of pedestrian experience inside you'll see a lot of dark colors a lot of steel they're kind of using it as almost a prototype for how the restaurants can be more appealing more of a place that people want to actually go and not just drive through and get the fastest food possible yeah you wrote about this as part of a trend of fast food companies really rethinking their design one of the things that floored me was that this is not a drive through that the idea is you go in and you sit down and you have a dining experience that might be very different from how we think of fast food what's going on with that change in philosophy well i think a lot of these fast food companies are trying to compete with the new fangled fast casual restaurants the sort of slower than fast food places you'll see where you you kind of can't drive through you walk in and pen nara or two exactly so you you kinda go to those places and you expect to spend a little more time and as a result the interior is designed in such a way that it's not super unpleasant to be there for longer than a couple of minutes a lot of the people that i spoke to mention how these restaurants are trying to become more local which sort of oxy moronic for huge fast food chain but they're trying to use regional motifs or photos on the wall that are you know of the place wherever that restaurant happens to be so kind of this effort to say like sure this is a fast food restaurant but it's also your neighborhood fast food restaurant is this something that customers want.

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