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About jay cutler and these are his remarks about cutler and i've never heard any coach say these things about jay cutler and they should resonate as we speak right now mike spirits with jay cutler was very good i don't get all the hatred towards them said adam gays i see a guide that worked hard and did everything he could to help his team win he sacrificed his body to me he was an athletic quarterback that can throw the ball when you got to third down you could call the worst play possible and he would get the conversion and again not that they shocked the world in 2015 but under adam gays jay cutler finally looked like he grew up a little bit he got the bad breadth far out of him be rambling gamblin i'm going to try any kind of throw possible kind of quarterback who threw way too many interceptions in that year that 2015 yuri at his career low interceptions his career high in percentage completions and his careerbest in quarterback rating all in 2015 now as you said they went six and ten but he has three top wide receivers all missed an average each mission average of six games that year so they were often hurt they're always hurt and and down a man or to at wide receiver and then if you look at their games that year they lost a bunch of games by eight points the last one two three four or five six seven seven by eight points or less so they were in a lot of games that they didn't quite pull off.

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