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All three phases where they start together and we just continue finishing second half key twenty four for thirty three two hundred sixty seven yards three touchdowns and there was one thing that we're showing here this morning if you're watching on. Espn news and something that you may have seen. If you're watching the game yesterday just take me inside the mind of a wide receiver a quarterback special connection. They have when trubisky came off the field. Drive after dr alan robinson was right there pounding his shoulder pads just trying to pump them up. I understand you can't manufacture this stuff all the time but when your quarterback is reeling and you see something like that can that have long ranging reverberating effects or is that a. Thanks for showing up today now. Let's do it tomorrow. Type deal no. That just shows the relationship allen robinson obviously has relationship with mitch trubisky and that just goes to show you that the team may have not been down on him as much as the coaches asher. Robinson certainly knows that he's a guy who can get him to football. Where nick foles on the other hand probably struggle to get alan the football at times and so when you look at it from a receiver standpoint. You always want to make sure you put your arms around the quarterback not just selfishly for the football but to make him no no matter what you're behind him you're with him now. People would say that's calling the game where people that was watching the game and say. Oh he's happy and he's getting the football. He's buttering him up. no he. He knows what his team making new and he probably has full confidence in his ability. Even though outsiders we look at it and say mitch. Trubisky can't play dead and a cowboy movie after he knows because he played he plays with him. He's seeing every. Scc everyday in practice a go into their next game about the vikings is just interesting i know that they the bears look better against the lions. I know that they played against the texas team. That was actually just depleted in weapons. I feel so bad for deshaun watson. Not only because he lost the andrea hopkins at the beginning of the year. Because the ineptitude a bill. O'brien but we've asked for now. No brandin cooks. He didn't play david. Johnson he didn't play. Who is the shawn watson. you've been working with zubin. I know you said no excuses but damn who was he working with their and his team. How much confidence do you have in this bears team against the vikings considering how good dalvin cook and these guys are playing. We got a lot of confidence. Ju got a lot of confidence. Because they know each other's division rival teach twice a year maybe even sometimes if they can get into the playoffs. They'll play each other three times a year. So you got to have confidence in this football team moving forward it you look at the bear. They got the vikings at six and seven. They play the jags. I think the jags one and twelve in any finish up with the green bay packers depending on what a packers are at depend on that week. Seventeen game with the packers somehow finished strong enough in new orleans fallen offsetting. The packers got the home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Maybe week seventeen is a gimme game. Aaron rodgers is rested up. You finally get your glimpse of jordan love in the huddle and now they could. Minnesota can take advantage of that situation. So it's one of those deals where chicago mitch. Trubisky just needs to do what he did yesterday in they need to play defense and figure out how it's going to inform in the end and we mentioned obviously not just mitch trubisky but the situation with jalen hurts and doug peterson. We'll dig into that next when we ask carson wentz his biggest supporter at espn what he thought of jail and hurts his performance yesterday. G sanjiv willin subic podcast. The college football season is rolling along. And so is the latest season of your favorite. Dr pepper obsessed college football town. That's right we're talking about fans ville so brace yourself for all the on the field football drama and off the field dr pepper flavor. Your eyes and taste buds can handle..

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