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Out why credit girl absorbed from all of the experience she's had up to this point and what went into lady bird that is uniquely her own i read that you were nervous going on set yes lobby worried about well you know i i just at the end that this sound semi ridiculous but i love movies so much i love cinema so much nate nate always wanted to be a writerdirector but i didn't go to a film school proper so it really used all the time linked both behind the camera and of the camera as my film school and when a written this the screenplay i knew i knew that it was time in than it that this was the project i should direct i i just i so badly wanted to make something that cinema could be proud of which is dumb cinemas no feelings about itself when you made social something that might not necessarily the audience would love test atoll wales of cinema i mean yeah i mean i want our audience to really love it but also just i didn't want to disrespect the form gene i didn't i wanted to really know what i was doing and what i was talking about so that's how i felt but then i also i felt like i had you know consciously donshik all this stuff you know directive about directing this sounds like a semi silly example but if felt like you know the moment in the crowd ahead when nasa's he can body because he's been working on those cars yeah they've felt like i said i know karate i actually i n it felt like all of the nerves once i i was like oh i know this i know how to do this from beginning to end was there a specific gene were you realize that was there a specific moment were the the bell went off and you ain't oh i can do this well it away there were nails kind of going off the whole time i think when i was casting the movie i uh the way i.

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