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On track to get there. First doses in March coming up here on Colorado's Morning news how to know where and when to get your vaccine in Colorado. We talk about a new hotline website ahead. Now checking that drive again with John Morrissey. It is a slow drive this morning, but you know what? You're doing pretty good this morning. Yeah, We've been telling you to slow it down a little bit because it is a slick drive after yesterday's storm, and we've got some freezing fog to deal with up on the north side on. You've been doing that accident count very low right now. Start to see traffic really heavy and slow on that to 70 drive through Commerce City. Of course, you got some fog right there, and I 76 to deal with I 76 was found. Also heavy getting down to I 25 year downtown drive in pretty good shape as far as the number of accidents anyway, But you're slow on that I 25 drive South bound from I 70 that really even starts to slow before I 70 all the way through town. A couple of crash icons popping up on the map one on Santa Fe just south of I 25 I know the one on westbound Sixth Avenue. Out near Sheridan, You drive on 2 to 5 in the bed, Fred Sports Traffic Center. That's a slow drive from I love all the way down to I 25 in the tech center Parker Road is loaded up and that drive on Ian C. 4 70 is slower than normal this morning. This report is sponsored by the exigent temporal scanner. These may be uncertain times. But what is certain is that every family needs a reliable thermometer. Protect your family with the exit in temporal scanner, the only home thermometer used in recommended My hospital's physicians and clinics. Stay safe with extra Jin. I'm John Morrissey on Ko and his radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio up. They started using when I was 13 Taylor is in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids. It was like, Oh, well, their medications. They can't be that dangerous. My perception was once you stop using like that's it. Your life is over. I didn't even realize that I need to help until, like the day that I got arrested. I have been able to accomplish a lot in my recovery. I just want to be happy.

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