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The average price right now in Florida is to forty nine eight cents down from last week tweet since less than a month ago and about one cent less than last year. Mark Jenkins with AAA says prices are near their lows for the year and most of the state and have already broken through the lows in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas the statewide average is around two forty nine a gallon the in the bay area, it's two thirty two. If you are traveling. Over the thanksgiving holiday or out and about getting the early start on Christmas shopping cut. The other drivers some slack. That's the word from Kim Montas with the Florida highway patrol know, it's easy for us to get involved driving with our emotions, especially if we've had a long day and somebody either inadvertently or purposely cuts in front of us or tries to cut us off. You have to be the bigger person. And just let it go Montas says you can be the safest driver in the world. But that doesn't mean the other drivers are wearing their seatbelts gives you a chance to survive a crash if you get in to one and she says try to keep your patients in all that traffic. It's seven oh five at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A good morning. Stocks fell again by more than usual amounts. Stock averages are now flat or up just very slightly for the year. One financial adviser says some clients are getting worried about their 4._0._1._K retirement accounts. Many companies with falling stocks a business is still growing just not growing as fast as it was. The basic investment advice when stocks far like they've been doing lately is to not have money you'll need the next three years in stocks and Wednesday talks fal change, the mix of stocks in retirement funds, because usually some stocks rise when others fall even more people are cutting the cable and using the internet so cable companies that used to be among the most profitable entertainment businesses. Now want to be partners with streaming services. The Federal Reserve says the economy is at full employment and that the number of working age Americans will decline over the next ten years because of older workers retiring in two it's says sales tax software are up David's bridal shops filed for bankruptcy and says they'll stay open, but they fear brides and their wedding.

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