RON, American Troops, Viet Cong discussed on BBC World Service


Of the conflict than the with the driver had been hit and his body was literally a but i should think three or four feet from where i was holed up behind this tree and that every time i looked ron was the face of this young american servicemen schooled in the jeep right next to me when he was a young red hair young men and he spectacles had been slashed across his nose i can see his face now and i mean it's something till may i guess for the rest of my life a short best of five inside the building is answered by fusilade of shots unnamed under and dangerous only clothes outside the building ricochets claimed several casualties there was absolute kale sexually because they were american troops there were vietnamese police the with vietnamese troops there and maybe appeared to be in command and was just gunfire kind every the italy unnamed to us the bean some vietnamese who had been stuck in the building where most of the shooting was coming from and eventually they kmart and there was this woman with several fairly young children perhaps at a never occurred to anyone but the mic someone else in the building besides the viet cong how many of them were there well we've done that we so tired of a stake and then the building next to all they will have a six two all the not the west shooting could hand on the stare you he hid under the hands of us but not santa claus except for the house the baby they ice factories normally at this time of day the streets in old stinks of saigon filled with people and traffic annoyance this evening with just the helicopters flying overhead and the occasional burst of gunfire and no one excluding these 35 provincial capitals yet i'm good attack that night and during the next couple of days inside gone itself there would be abided dozen separate attacks in different parts of the city to see the american embassy a brand new american embassy under attack this with big shock they eta may vary dictate les.

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