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You gotta last night. You're right guys. Know the five longest nba finals droughts now not in milwaukee finally won one after fifty years. Longest drought for for winning a championship is who right now leading the nba seventy years. Was that seventy be phoenix utah. I know the atlanta hawks have won one western conference team western conference. Want one in one thousand nine hundred fifty one fifty seven years ago memphis new york. Wow no can't be minnesota their expansion team the rockets the mavericks the spur california the sacramento casey kings back fifty sixty years. The atlanta hawks. They last one they lost in one thousand nine sixty one. They would have saint. Louis hawks the boston fifty one years with clippers. They've never been a finals forty-five five years for denver who's never been to the finals and forty two years for washington. Alaska nineteen seventy nine. Okay i wanna get to this gossip thing so john you made up some story about the origin of the herman. Gosh yeah very very he said if you look over there and that's how it got gossip. I find this amazing so early politicians required feedback from the public to determine what people considered important because there was no telephone. There was no tv. There was no radio and the politicians would send their assistance to taverns and pubs and they were told to go sips a male and listen to people's conversations many assists were dispatched at different times. You go sit here. You go sip there. The two words go sip were eventually combined and it turned into the term gossip. Wow and you know. The guy rail says lied. And it's real it's real. It's one hundred percents. it's it's real. It's a real term and now it makes sense when somebody says go spill the not because it's literally you're spilling never heard that. Yeah by the way means the first person to spill t. Yeah herman gos- harmon. I've never heard that expression go spill. The t. where you get that from harm you ever heard of. You never heard that from the english system. I never heard that. Did you spill the teed. Walk out of school there. Whole podcast called spilled the tea when everybody tells rumors. That's what they say. I never done all my and i'm older than you guys never heard that. It's a relatively newer term. I think or at least not early newer popular. Nearly accents go. Sip became gossip there. You go excuse me wendy. Williams speak in michael. Have you ever heard that. Williams found a way to both burp and fart at the same time on her show really onto. Listen go one more time. Listen to michael really happened for real. That happened honor. She oh what do you think we're just making it up. Let's supermodels don't do that. Hey wendy you all four i codex. Excuse me coming up next. You is game and it's michael's game today. These are always fun and so far this month. John ireland. This is a surprise john. Ireland is leading game of games with five. Lindsey has four or he has three and me. Although i was on vacation yet to scratch.

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