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In a lifetime offer. We'd like to give you today's home. Ashes mr for three hundred ninety nine dollars. Ninety nine cents. You can get as beautiful regina steamer carbon cleaner. Have you ever heard of those. Tv commercial sir. We're going down. I list today of people to call. Thank you if you act. Now you receive this. Orrick upright mini vac foon additional charge of. It actually works really. Well why don't you need donate it. Don't you have a rug in your house. Come up with a better pitcher not. Do you know walking home. Wouldn't your mom or dad like this for perhaps a holiday. Don't they have a birthday company. Namesake report you. Clean it okay. What is the number their record record. Sure i should be asking you these questions. You're harassing me. What is your number. What are you writing this down for. Gimme name and number reporting me you. Who is this. Mr michael oppenheim sir calling. I like you email address please. So we can put you in. I'm elliot this. Is i for you your horrible. Would you like to sign a stop calling me. No now and received his up call. And i know exactly who to call and i'm actually going to get a tape recorder and i'm gonna tape everything like care about an orrick many that. Who the hell is this. Okay oppenheimer take the mini vacs ticketing. Backside angle vacuum up. Some dust. father very rude. I'm offering you the regina steam carpet cleaner like i care about a regina steam. A ghost in your mom's with the regina steamer. Okay can fried rice off a chest. Usa munson will turn out great. That may twenty on a trial basis. What's your name sir. My name is mike. This is michael nice to meet you. Money's mike to my name is mike. I'll tell you what what's your number since i'm on a do not call and you wanna harass me. Little freak don't respect located regina steam of fruit. If we do not respect do not call. List sir okay. That's great you. Respect the twelve thousand dollar fine. I'm gonna put on you. So are you kidding. Angers me for november. This is just me. I'm happy chipper. Real camper each day. Mr michael loop and i'm just trying to sell you something you supervisor. I'll tell you will. We'll upgrade you. The latest model next year when it comes out for free. Here's me you sir you. Who is your supervisor you freak. I am the supervisor a supervisor this you let me take you through the numbers here about sales number one. I appreciate your persistence. Because i'm a salesman myself too. I don't take not interested for an answer for someone to hang up on me. But i have all day while you're trying to sell that regina super handy cleaner or whatever you got. I think it would be best for you to move onto the next phone call. I think it would be best for me to tell you that this is scary. Jones got to put this on the of course have an idea for a strain. Drain dot com. Click on the phone. Tap taff tell us what you want to do. This phone tap was recorded with permission. Granted by a female the morning show whether you're paying bills browsing or shopping online norton. Three sixty with lifelock helps you protect your devices. Connections and identity. No one can prevent all identity theft. But you can opt into cyber safety and save twenty five percent off your first year at norton dot com slash elvis. You're caller one hundred. I introduce myself. Oh gosh elvis. Duran morning reduction. Elvis duran in the morning show. We got so much to do. Daniel brought us a topic train. We're going to get into that a minute. What what made you think. I'm gonna do a topic. And i were discussing yesterday. Nikos i think it would be good if you did a topic train i go. Oh okay you got it. So i love that okay. Well that's on the way of course daniels during her daniel report. Go around the room in a minute. I don't know you know they call it an earworm when you get a song in your head. You just can't get it out. They say the only way to get out is to hear the whole song colleagues. At least that's how you get a song out of your head. So i got a song in my head. I can't get out of my head. I'm gonna. I'll share that with second. So danielle you're a first what's going on all right. So let's start with j. Lo and era already told you that she took them off of instagram. She scrubbed clean will now. I'm hearing that they're gonna cut business ties as well that she doesn't want anything to do with them anymore and you know there she was saying. Well we're still in business. We're gonna keep it cordial. Yeah i i wish i was a fly on the wall to know what exactly went down. But i think everybody's saying it's cheating so i'm just saying Kendall jenner was in the hamptons to promoter tequila brand and she got mistaken for somebody that was working at the party. Somebody over one hundred dollar tip as she served shots behind. The bar didn't realize it was actually kendall who owns the tequila. Brian's take it. I don't know because she really needs that. Tmz caught up with brittany spears. Is boyfriend sam and said okay. Are we going to see her perform again and he said absolutely and then followed it up with hopefully hopefully captain america number four when it comes back anthony. Mackie we'll be back as the falcon. He is the first one to sign onto the film. So i will keep you posted as more people sign on paris. Hilton sat down with our boy. Jimmy fallon and she was talking about her upcoming wedding and she may. Maybe she will have a guinness book of world records for the most ouseba changes at her own wedding because she says she will probably have at least ten because she likes outfit changes they look. It's hard enough. Finding one wedding dress ten outfits for your wedding is a lot but she said the wedding is going to go over a couple of days. It's going to be a big celebration over. A couple of days kelly clarkson said that she had no idea what the impact of american idol would have. She said that when they first did the show because you know she was in the first season they thought it was a joke. They were there for the paycheck. They didn't think anything would come of this show and here we are. How many seasons. Yeah so crazy. Keanu reeves want said. I could live on what i've already made for the next few centuries and he wasn't kidding this guy is worth like three hundred and sixty million dollars. Yes and he is going to become a billionaire eventually. He has back end deals. He has this pay structure which he gets. An increase of after each film is made. They said it's not what he makes so good that good for him. Would you ever think in a million years. That honorees had that much cash. When i read it i was like i'm reading the right thing for him. Yeah exactly guys. And walt disney land. I know we've been waiting for the fast pass to come back because they got rid of it during pandemic well. It's not coming back. You're going to get something new. In the fall. Disney jeannie does a planning tool it will personalize your disney day. Instead of planning you'll have more time to play. It's a free service where you will join a virtual queue of virtual line. That will i guess. Tell you when it's time to come to the ride but not a fast pass because if you want the fast pass thing it's gonna cost you money. It's disney genie plus or lightning lanes. Explain more when we get closer daniel. How much do you think it costs for. A family of four to go to disneyworld.

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