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The best team about development and actually to be fair to being certainly their latter half upgrades in the four onwards. The sets they took forward were a significant. So are they being overly folded on vicious by saying we can not develop Red Bull and Mercedes and the proven quantities? Perhaps. But then again, this isn't like you say to McLaren on Mercedes pointing language from the style. So as long as they're not big or vibrant, we ain't gonna get that figures, but then you're not saying stop. Positive steps. Yeah, it's a good point. I made that on stage as well that not only have you got to close the gap to the top three, but you've got to develop faster to overtake them. Also, I want to talk about how Alpine are rightly proud of their race her program to promote young women in racing. Today though, was about girls in karting and it's really great they go those young racers their own time on stage. What did you see? Absolutely. I think that's critical. Is that their own car? They onstage a three to Esteban ocon. You're saying I've been racing carts since I was four and credit ware craters junior for diverse areas. I would have brilliant stuff in it, but when you're starting the process at 16, 17, it's two roads complete with offset the balance of warriors that have been competing since there are no so young, so it's brilliant to see that initiative and where it's starting up. I think, yeah, it's not a token gesture. The fact that it was half an hour of yearlong presentation was to race her to put some flesh on the phones of the announcement that sister in that last year in his last stage. Closing the gap to the big teams and know with cost caps and aerodynamic testing of friction to skewer areas where you can't worry, take big strides forward, but I'll clean or any F once in that matter if they're. Male or incited and therefore precluding 50% of the population, then you'll fall eliminating 50% of the most talented engineers that 50% of the most talented drivers and is silly but now it makes sense when you put it like that and it's a brilliant initiative and it was great to get so much time until it was such a warm reception from here in the room. The fact of promoted by academy drivers at our opinion Sofia flash from formula three and I'll be filling the observation W series and will now be going into F one academy and it's all sort of being led by an ambassador Nikola Adams who obviously you know Olympic gold balling boxing sporting icon strictly coming dancing Dan sorry I think and just you know she's got great mentality she was talking about how she's got the heart of the lioness and what she can provide as a mentor to those drivers. So yeah, fun, fantastic initiative and seems to be going about things the right way. I think F one with it when it's pushed for female equality can have too many wanting has one program and another team has another program with W series F one academy. They've got the same goal, but none of them are working together, which is a shame and that needs to be addressed, but the team initiative's race has got to be right up there from the get go. Absolutely. Well, look, this was the final car launch of 2023 in terms of spectacle and format we can see behind you. It's just starting to quieten down a little bit more. How did it compare to the others that you've been to? Different venues. So less of the world trimmed hedges that Williams had and now sort of plastic car on and I'll be on the James Bond fans and the fact we're going to be able to have a nice set is very good. Obviously nothing quite like Ferrari that obviously one testing, but industrial setting under the lights being great. It's a really reminded me of one of those late 90s McLaren launches in that sort of the era of F one we're getting back to in terms of star studying that's the fact we had a nickel items. I'm consuming Zidane on stage where he nuts called football fan or not, that's mega. So to have that sort of star studded lineup. So it says about where Formula One is at this point. So it's a less launch star studded even if we lack car and truck, but two was a top end I would say. Especially as they've got three bar. We'll let you go. Hey, have you got your passport ready for Bahrain next week? Absolutely. Everything. They have to let me ensure well there we go. Launch season is over. Next we fly to Bahrain. The auto sport F one team will be on the ground for all three days. Heir to the ground, as always, bringing you the complete analysis online in the magazine. Here on the channel as well. So if you're not subscribed, you know where I'm going with this, click that subscribe button now so you never miss a show. Right, so you've seen all ten cars now. What do you think? Looks good. And maybe who do you think might be hiding their secrets best? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for watching. We'll catch you on the next one. Sports social podcast network.

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