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More about that later, everyone We will. Yes, more about that in five minutes, But that was so. Dilapidated and I don't think it would be. Um, a place that they would enjoy. You and why are the spirits earthbound? So why haven't they? Yeah, why haven't they gone into the afterlife? I mean, it's so much after life. They've lost their body, you know, and I feel that they still have a strong connection again if we come in with family We chose our family. We go through this life and we connect with their family on the other side is and sometimes that connection is still there, and they're like, well. I got to get the rest of my family where they and then they get lost. I don't know where to go, and they see other people that have light and have insight and empathy and they will try to get their attention. And then the human runs away in fear that now and so they don't have anyone to hang out with. Well, What about the older Hollywood buildings that you were around when you were young, like the Roosevelt Hotel, and he's classic places? An example I went to Quebec. I come to Quebec City. In Montreal. Montreal has a section that's like a 500 year old section and they do a ghost tour. I'm like I am so they're let's do this thing because I'm sure the guy that's running it. Has lots of stories for me. Yes, we're going to all these places were boats. Bank and hundreds of people were killed. And this was a prison and this is where people were shot in the street, and I'm like Scuse me just showing us where people died. I'm not feeling any ghost serious. Oh, no. Ghosts are in the hotels, but we're not allowed to tell anyone. Nice. Well, yeah, like the bull Dorado And these really classic hotels. So you do have we do have Ah, really fun thing that you we can announce right now because Is a break coming up now. What did you do for our wonderful coast Listeners? You have Have a fun, little goose hunt. So I do what is on I am looking for our very own ghost hunters okay out there so The story is the number one most haunted house in the United States is the Carlton Villa. Okay? I did a video tour of it because I was doing home renovations and I was Sincerely interested in buying this place and renovating it and turning it into a and authentically haunted bed. Breakfast. Maybe call. Where for? Where is it? Well, but we're bound on islands. Where is it? Opened 1000 Island, Okay and stayed here. For example. I get a phone call from a guy from upstate New York. He found by Number and he called me and left a message. And he said, I have to tell you there's a ghost. In that video. I watched the Carlton Villa and there's a ghost in the video, and I have not been able to sleep since then. Running a little contest. Okay, The 1st 20 winners that give me the correct information will receive a free autographed copy of my book mounted reality. And I've been getting so many comments and questions about the Carlton Villa. That I thought, so. If you go to my YouTube page, Rick Wagoner coach there is a video called Returned to Carletonville. It's going to give you all the information about what you have to do. There are six locations of ghosts. In the video. You can come back and give me the correct locations and the email information is all on there and I need your information. You will get a Free copy of my book. Oh, this is exciting. So go YouTube during the break and look up Rick Wagoner. Carlton Villa and you'll see this great piece. I watched it of him going through the Carlton Villa and he takes you through the stairs and the steps and it's It's so much so much fun and take down the time codes where you see the ghosts go ghost hunting during the break it in perfect time. Perfect timing. You have to do that It is. It's kind of fun in the 1st 20 people email with the correct time codes. Then you will get a copy of his book of Thie. Hunted reality book, which is a lot of fun. I watched it last night, and it would scared me first to see the coast. But it's a great It's a great story. That place is amazing Building 18 91 fabulous story Revolution and all those that go castles. But.

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