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Guy like Clayton. I just took exception to that end quote. Fire cell. Roberts has a right to be upset about this one like a triple cell. So being so oh, yeah, another one so Be upset that you pulled Kershaw from a game when she was cruising. It was 1st and 2nd with 01 out in the seventh, and then Pedro Baez came in and the wheels came off. Be upset about that. Be upset about the fact that you didn't allow Kershaw to talk to pull him out of the game, and it didn't work out. Be upset about your endgame decision making this stupidity and to be fair to the daughter's announced that it was all her size and I'm a big fan of they went over the top. When it happened, I was slipping back and forth watching part of the game. They brought it up. I don't know. Let people celebrate in baseball. Stop it What He's earned. What he's earned the right to go out there and throw that pitch and I got hit on the other side of the wall. And that means that guy right in that moment, the rights to celebrate Let I'm so over this stupid stupidity off the rules in the unwritten rules of baseball the next time somebody hit and I like Kershaw, NY roof of the Dodgers. I like Dodgers fans. Next time somebody hits a home enough, Kershaw hope they literally stand there for four minutes and throw their bed up in the air spies they can as a signal of the fact that the game itself in the joy the fans and people play. It is more important. The thin skin nature of even superstars were likeable when things don't go their way. Come on, buyer saw the Padres will be a legitimate problem for the Dodgers in the post season. I mean, yeah. Bye. Obviously, you got to get through. That were best of three playoff series is going to happen, but they're pitching is legit. And the thing about last night's game that I think is worth noting is that Herschel was dealing He had a one hitter through four or five innings. He was almost untouchable. Unlike last year, he's actually operating and winning in the strike zone. That is his Watson is not what it used to be, but he's just reminding of pragmatic, right. He's just He's a pitcher, man like he's an all time great. And a lot of 100 curses in that zone. The Dodgers offensive players will tell you, they kind of relax. They perform a little bit better. It puts pressure on the opposing pitcher. What is run face, and I think that tells you a lot about the fact that that that is the best team in baseball. But the Padres think of the best team in baseball, that's a big part of clothes and pulls in those gaps, right. You're dressed today for this next question. According to Forbes, Lionel Messi was the most highly compensated soccer player in the world last year, raking in an astonishing $126 million that's for one year. Narrowly beating out Cristiano Ronaldo, who earned 117 million considering patch Mahomes new contract, which will pay him an average of 45 million per season. Buy or sell that no American athlete and our lifetimes will ever surpassed $100 million American F America and in American major sports. I was going to say ballistic. May, um Trying.

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