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And we discussed a number of other fascinating experiences that he's had not least of which was what he's learned over the last couple of years interviewing some of the most successful investors and and even reclusive investors on the planet so without further ado please enjoy my conversation with grant williams wonder why fund managers can't beat yes and p five hundred because this sheet she gets slaughtered all right grant williams welcome to the show buddy i'm really honored to have this chance to turn the microphone around and pick your brain jesse the owner is is category you'll mind thanks for having me well you are you know probably my favorite interviewer that i've seen you i mean just make it look easy you did an interview recently with felix zoloft which i really enjoyed and i've actually enjoyed all of your that the new series that you've been doing but in that interview you called yourself a natural skeptic where does that natural scepticism come from i think it's i really do think it's i think over the years of of become a biggest skeptic just because of what i watch go on and i began my career in the most raging of bull markets in japan in the mid ninety nine hundred so you know two things happened i guess i saw just unbridled optimism and and just a reckless bull market up close which is which is where i cut my teeth but i also very fortunate i guess looking back on it witness the seven crash up close so so i had that that grounding and i i really good understanding of what happens when it's us yes and just goes wild and i also learned very quickly and very pine fully how bad things can get when when gravity reasserts itself so so i think as i've watched over the last thirty five years.

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