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Nineteen sixty three tonight was the first step toward taking back the house of representatives and twenty twenty to keep this country on a path to prosperity and Frank visible light himself with president trump rally for him Monday along with vice president Mike pence who phoned in after the wind. I Jackie Quinn president trump is abruptly forced out national security adviser John Bolton reaction from the firing military analyst retired lieutenant colonel Robert Maginnis says the Bolton came into the administration with foreign policy positions which were well known which would not have been a surprise to president trump it may be that the body man to be contrary at all on purpose to really kind of shake things up and provide the president a rich diversity of ideas that's a possibility in the president's way of working facts dot now but Mr bald minutes very capable very smart understood the world there's no word on a permanent replacement for Bolton correspond Keith Peters really prime minister Netanyahu about Tuesday addicts the heart of the west bank if he wins reelection next week U. N. spokesman Stefan to chart the secretary general Antonio Guterres rejects Netanyahu's valve the secretary general's position has always been clear and consistent unilateral actions are not helpful in the peace process Netanyahu said it was important to act as president trump prepares to unveil his Mideast peace plan after the September seventeenth election the call this an historic opportunity a one time opportunity to extend Israeli sovereignty more these stories a town hall dot com. are you a stock.

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