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The ball to all the steam clean ghost is hearing footsteps if you treat the got a clean pocket is he trying to rid of this the offense playing does the things I'm worried about I just don't think they have any sort of sense on who they want to be played a play as offense and I think that starts at forty kitchens I think the Baker Mayfield cemex culprit so in my mind if you look at the a FC they need to go on a huge around here to be relevant at the end of the season I don't see that happening I feel like two weeks from now we're gonna have to start thinking what's going to happen this team in the off season and I completely understand the issue of firing coach is one year into their ten year but when you look at the sheer amount of talent on that team I feel like John Dorsey these tax to consider if he made the right choice and if they should make a change Robert Mason on the show Robert last one for you energies benefits so far from a division that's not exactly stepping up to try to challenge Kansas city do you think the cheese are going to be in three or four five weeks yet again one of the best teams they have see is your confidence level high enough in the return of my homes and or what the defense may or may not become to believe that they can contend with the patriots by the end of the year yeah I I think by the end of the year they will be expected to be sick I think they're they're division is weak actually seen generals week yeah I said from the beginning as soon as he got hurt I put him down for six weeks because they're buys in there as well so he missed five games that is worth it I think after using what they did against Green Bay last week even if they lose to Minnesota and then maybe set net worth fighting for yeah that's worth it I think date when you consider the fact that Oakwood you wanting to to catch you you have to be in your game against Oakland raider on this season if you beat them you have the tie breaker with them I don't think the wind up with a better record than ten six hi what you're looking at if you sit him down for that long the number one seed is probably going to anyway even if you don't keep it to influence the pot I feel like the difference between the buyer home field is also pretty consist is also pretty considerable so I in my mind they should sit him down if we do I think I'll be alright I think the defense with the Marshall lost because in the sense that I don't know if there's going to be incremental improvements from any defense can get hot any defense can give some turnovers everything else which seem that with below average defenses in my mind that the chief's best check on that side of the ball dealers don't think they're very good I think that is more important than getting healthier all such characters are compact camera line be a little bit more so with the stock if that's the case in you get my holds back but see three weeks from now I think there's still the best for a right to be doing one even if they have to go into New England which at this point seems like a certainty Robert Mays did I love having on the show man and I appreciate your time enjoy your weekend enjoy the bears enjoy image of the missing I'm sure I will not on two of those three front right thank.

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