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The total number of accused one hundred attorney general three now says the arrests are proof that scams against taxpayers and companies after major disasters can still be a problem years later the one hundred people combined so six million dollars and sandy relief funds with the recently arrested individuals receiving hundreds of thousands eight almost three thousand student athletes in their parents will soon be getting into information about the potential dangers of prescription painkillers marty miller of the garden state pharmacy honors association says of assume napoli gets injured there are other option we can knock the first and only the sap opioid abuse program will be rolled out at high schools across the garden state this halloween and fall will enjoy good size and plentiful punk is a new jersey a farm bureau experts says pet alana that i'm a weather when britain of the new jersey farm bureau says the pumpkin harvest will be a bit above average at going to be a good harvest for the most part one rim says the wet weather this past summer helped a lot of rain would make him fight bigger than normal but could be a good year for good five prompter he says all up work whether can also spawned disease among the pumpkins but farmers who talk preventative steps were able to curb the fungus and also xu dear away from crops joe cutter jersey one at one point five new police in a harbour township say woman made up a story about a missing child so she and her son could shoplift from a walmart on tuesday donna hall told warmer employees that her eight year old granddaughter had disappeared security guards locked down the store as hall sunday klis filed build bags with closing candy police determined that there was no ever girl missing and halls were charged with shoplifting creating false alarm and drug possession the leaves are falling but what about our temperatures completely.

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