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Than the. Auden. Win You know like a looked really good. He put like all these aggression in that. There was something on the line. I. Don't know I just I felt like after that Bachelor I now lease here. We get it. then. There was a back and forth with. All the women like. Their. Oscar was there. And then something else and then I think Adam Pearce appeared again. Uh so he he's my new one Adam Pearce yeah smackdown GM. Happen. Postman Pierce. We. Put out a tweet. Somebody wants them like you'll Egypt postman he was like this is not funny guys. It's nice to see him. As a big fan back in Nevada, like he was in bringing of owner for a long time big fan of his work like I think. I. Mean if people know him, they know that you know he knows he knows his stuff he's been around the block. By like Abbie, came to see him a bit more and stuff. Postman Pierce make him smackdown GM though that's the one. That's what I'm going for. That's my new. Pierce. and. So anyway, then the come into the ring I think really gal get there. But Charlie is in the ring big shouts Charlie Caruso by the way Oh my gosh woman is stunning. And she's interviewing Oscar and Oscar's about to like say who she thinks gets title shot and she's laughing and she's lifting them off from mickie James is the one the answers. Dot Com's Mickey James. Lucchino. Kinds of. Ten years ago. Looking Great. scoping in Mickey in Oscar's face. And then the terrible twosome come out. Investing gear at least not doing Tiktok. Natalia and Lana come out. Lana quoted Delusional Nice. She was selfish Yada Yada. Yada. Ended up in a match between. mickie James and Lana? And what was it like to it off minutes Lana Zak. Just can't do it for me. Remember back. He was I two, thousand twelve or eleven where wwe bought like that streaming APP cow. Grand Wrestler just big town my wrestling back right now. Yes. That's louder louder should go back to two thousand and eleven. Reminds me of. What is this?.

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