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Be eastbound on the ramp to I 95 North on that off ramp is closed and road work on 3 95 that's going eastbound on the ramp to 95 north bound that off ramp is closed. I'm Ricky Rizzo News radio 6 10 W. If you attended one of President Trump's many Florida rallies this election season, you may have gotten a preview of his debate performance. Elena Train is a White House reporter for Axios, she says. Instead of traditional debate preparation, the president relies on his rallies to prepare preparing on the plane. He's preparing when he's giving the speeches. He's looking at what plays well. With the crowds at his rallies and what falls flat. The president faced off against Joe Biden in the final debate of 2020 vice president Mike Pence, will campaign Saturday in Lakeland and in Tallahassee, Donald Trump will hold rallies Friday in the villages and towns. Nicola former President Barack Obama is slated to campaign Saturday for Joe Biden in Miami. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency has banned a chemical to protect Florida's endangered coral reefs. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says Cybertron is used in so called anti fouling. Paint to keep barnacles off. Boat holds, but it also bleaches coral were putting it out for a 60 day comment period after the end of the track time period, we could go final for no new uses of the chemical on the bottoms of both. The ST Petersburg Kennel Club, which operates as Derby Lane will begin laying off employees. December 27th after Florida voters in 2018 approved a proposal to halt Greyhound racing by the end of this year Build is the oldest continuously operating Greyhound track in the world. The Kennel Club on its website says library Sing Continue. Use through December. 31st No Sunday night primetime football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game against Las Vegas Raiders now set for 405 P M. The National Football League says the change was made out of an abundance of caution to ensure a game will be available for Sunday night Football. One of the writers starters tested positive for Cove it Seahawks and Cardinals. Now move into that ate 20. PM kickoff time with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad grand to 12 chances. Today to win $1000 is radio 6 10, Double o d branded. Your aunt is powered by the Dickstein law firm, Eight fella hurt.

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