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Brunch. At the palace ball in Washington. Langley delightful, and you chef your taste of the week when I made a little poodle for this weekend and just about how great the dish is. And we don't make enough boiled beef and vegetable in life, you know, it was just simply don't they used the little beef, Nick. And just tied it up roles and put it into a pot of water just plain water with a couple of bay leaves time. Yes. When you say beef naked bone in or Bono out out just to meet. It's a little bit of a trick. Most of you there by bond out for sure. You know? It's definitely was a little pleasure to do that. And because I had the bone put the bone in the stew as well. Which I did basically flavor from that bone, but I put the meeting and bring it to a boil ski Mola scam. Put all my vegetable carrot onion turnips positive. The cabbage on the side. And then bring that could that very slowly at some Koya paper cone older traditional flavor possibly stems into Buki Gallini can avoid you. And then just did it very traditional. And then at the end, I did the trick you were talking about the unions. You know, my my grandmother used to take a camel piece of sugar cube between the big players on the fireplace. She would light up and then put that in the cauldron to color the to give that caramel color at the end of the for. Wow. I didn't want to do that. I just took a nonunion really really chopped onion and ended up with the same idea of coloring and giving the caramel flavor at the end. I think of it up being a variety of meats like beef tongue. No, no, no, one one just one thing. So is like our roast. Exactly. Yeah. Same idea. And then all those vegetable and then you wanted to make sure you put the vegetable in succession of cooking. So you don't want to end up with fury like my mom used to everything together. Actually, she put the cabbage at the end, but you know, often everything was cooked to death. And was we loved it as kids, but I've learned to like my vegetable crunchy now, so we, you know, we don't cook it as long. Kony shown salt and Dijon mustard. I tell you on a day like today. It's a fantastic dish to be sitting around and the sooner you can get it made. We'll have some for lunch. Appreciate that. Kind of you to offer up next. We're gonna talk tropical fruits right here on KIRO.

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