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You're never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on, WCBS, I'm Steve Scott Good afternoon here are three things to know at four fifteen one s bestest has been found. In the casing around, the steam pipe that. Exploded this morning and the flat iron but the mayor says the air is safe debris to the city is asking anyone who. Got the dust and debris on their. Close to, bag the clothes and handed over you, should also take a good shower three forty nine evacuated buildings have. To be inspected and most of them will be closed for least couple of days now at four sixteen on WCBS New York state labor, board has ruled in favor of Uber. Drivers when it comes to collecting unemployment. Benefits the drivers don't actually work for Uber, so this is a? Potentially significant decision Peter Haskell has been looking into this Peter what's. This all about Well there were three, drivers specifically filed a claim for unemployment and basically said they worked. For Uber they deserve to receive unemployment benefits the board ruled in their favor saying that this is true for these drivers and similarly situated, workers exactly what that means we don't. Know but that would be critical Peter. What are you hearing from not only the. Drivers but from over For the drivers were represented by a group called the New, York taxi workers alliance basically an. Advocacy group the executive director of the group says this is really a big deal she, says his. Sets precedent for other. Drivers and that, means that the drivers can claim. That they actively worked for? Uber Uber not surprisingly, sees it differently A spokesman says this does, not set a precedent and accompanied. Seals this is about three drivers and nobody, else how big a deal is this beyond just Uber because there are other. People, who are quote unquote contractors Well we spoke to Chaozhou. Of Freeman he's a labor expert at queens. College and a he acknowledges this is clearly a win for the drivers what it means for, everybody else She says it's unclear But he wonders if this happens the door for others who are not only, Uber or lift drivers but another contract or independent contracting professions and the way. That he, sees it All right we just lost our line to Peter's he wraps up. That story about Uber drivers getting the right to collect unemployment benefits a significant labor story today four, eighteen to WCBS time for traffic and weather together on the eighth Kelly Dillon And I'm thinking huge mess Steve on westbound route seventy eight a New Jersey and this. Report is sponsored by Walgreen's. Westbound.

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