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Support for governor Inslee is he announces tomorrow is going to run for president. You could say it's impressive in one way. I guess you could indicate that is impressive in one way. Maybe not in the way by so we'll dig into that you get to choose your news. So you couldn't ask for more than that. It's the guy's name being charged here in a series of arsons, Matthew, Daniel, Hoover and his gosh. You guys have read the criminal background in the sky. I mean, twenty four times this guy's been involved in the criminal Justice system charges ranging from assault to arson to malicious mischief and they're looking for a decent sized bond. Undis-? Skied to hold them twenty four warrants for failing to appear and Gary hawkers been digging into this for Cairo seven our news partner. Gary joins us now. Gary welcome to the candy Mike in touch you? Good to be here. Thank you for inviting me. Yeah. Pleasure. Tell everyone about this this accused arsonists, well, Mr. Hooper, it turns out gave his address when he was I found is the Ballard food Bank. So he was officially unofficially homeless. I guess by any definition and the back story on this guy is we've been able to count that he's been arrested. I've counted almost thirty times he's been convicted. I think twenty one times many of his convictions include of salt robbery burglary a lot of criminal damage to property. In things that are charges that are called militias mischief which include damage to property, so he has an MO of destroying other people's things. And apparently what this guy did is within a span of three weeks in October to November last year. Over the course of a span of about three miles his MO was he would take lighter fluid that he told police that he stole from the Fred Meyer and Ballard, and he would pour it all over pallets or he would pour it through the opening of a mail drop or a key drop, and then he would drop matches or light something on fire, and then such set fire to something you set fire to a restaurant of business, which houses a restaurant a gym the elks club, which does just about one hundred percent charity work out of that location in goes back probably eighty years. And of course, the Gascoyne lumber company I've interviewed family members. That's third fourth generation owned lumber company. These people are incredible. People family owned business. They try and and not only give to charity they hire people like this guy, and he burned about a city block worth of lumber and buildings from the Gascoyne lumber down to the ground hundred and forty two firefighters that's two thirds of Seattle fire department had to show up to that. They had to back fill some of the fire departments because of the size of that fire from Renton and the surrounding communities just to handle the other alarms, so just think about the incredible loss of property, much less. You know, the loss of life. I'm I'm thinking about like the Pang warehouse fire, which was arson. So apparently, he had the same outfit on in a couple of different surveillance images, and he had a hat. I think it was a red hat and then at one point he didn't have the hat. So at one point detectives collected a hat. Among many other things the scene Senate down to the state crime lab, they had myocardial DNA on the hair strands it matched, Mr. Hooper. And so they they looked them up. And they said lo and behold, he just happens to be in jail and Watkin county in Bellingham on unrelated charges. They went up there. He apparently confessed the entire thing and said that he said all these fires to protect himself. He also said, by the way, he had enough money to cover all the damages Swedish back going for. Yes. Of course. So this comes on the fact that this guy is a is a many many, many time repeat offender comes on the heels of the of the the big report that just gave it a system failure report that was backed by the business community. I mean, given given that that is now a real world example of somebody who's a repeat offender in a crime that everyone is aware of a potentially. That's everyone. Everyone is aware of do you feel like it's going to put this is going to put additional pressure on city government to do something to respond to this whole notion of people who are in and out of the system. A couple dozen times guys every time I think that there's going to be. A tipping point. I think this is going to be this is going to be the point of no return. I will do I will do something. And I'll try and do some journalism on it that which is everything I can do. And then, you know, things like this happen. And then things like, you know, Dave Wagner had a report the other day where a guy shoots up meth and waits until SPD's shows up and does it right in front of him. We talked about him. Yeah. So. One thing. I thought would man this is going to be the big turning point is last fall. I got kind of an inside source gave me a letter from the American pharmacy pharma slot from logical pharmaceutical association, it's basically a group of about fifteen hundred pharmacists from around the country and every year, they have a huge convention. They could pick anywhere. They wanna go Miami L A Vegas, and they have they decided not to go back San Francisco because of some of the the problems with lawlessness that they perceive their and they wrote an open letter to visit Seattle. And by the way, you guys Seattle gets a huge. Percentage of the income that funds these programs from tourism and tourism, and these these people have to book these lodging an in everything at the convention center. Many many months sometimes even years in advance. And they said they sent a scout team out here, and they saw the and they put hashtags they said people urinating in the street. We were accosted civil times for cash the distance between the convention center at our hotel. We were accosted sometimes physically we saw people shooting up drugs. Like what what are we gonna do? We cannot guarantee the safety of our people, but it's too late to take our backer deposit. What are we going to do? I took that to the mayor that day was talking about tourism. And I you know, it was really hard to get any kind of answers. They know that there's a problem. But at some point, you wonder, what is the tipping point know what it is? Got to find some some some sort of will on this, Gary Hooker. Caro seven our news partner. Appreciate you coming on, and Gary thanks very much governor Inslee support for running for president. We'll talk about that. And Washington state's part of a group of states who is sort of looking to donate our electoral votes to the popular vote more to it. We'll discuss that Tracy Taylor. We'll check traffic.

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