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And it's just still an even yesterday the focus of the two thirty five press conference was really looking at tire Woodley talk trash each other. Like, that's really what the whole press. It wasn't really about John. Even though that Lou a lot of questions thrown his way. But Anthony Smith was just it just looks like cannon fodder a guy that's just going to go in there and lose I would have much preferred again the guy has early. But I think the best match ups for John Silas Lee is blue grotto to see the chin holds up at a heavier weight and coordinate like, you know, attachment there, and then someone on Twitter the other day had a bold prediction for twenty twenty. Which is crazy. The thing about they said in early twenty twenty. At Asanga would move up and knock out John Jones. If you the first person to defeat John Jonjo too soon to even think that Danas the. though like to think about I was like, oh that shit's wild. Because obviously, you the booze between here, and then probably stylistically if you need someone to be John Jones that would be I don't know. Chonkin restless ASO, that's the problem. If you just played to all by John is such a different piece. You put in a guy who is a better trike. He can just plant your ass for five hours. Look, I don't even I think it's let's let's let's see if I can get the middleweight title. I lay I get it. We strapping the rockets who was back like somebody pointing this out of the other day talk talk about assign you who's most just about everybody's biggest rising prospect of last year. Right. But you know, let a better year in the gun and Israel, Tanya Tatyana Suarez and Channing whatever division. She wants. Right. So definitely a proponent of that if you give rose tomorrow she taps into Rams. Well, but but the thing is out of signing. He's a better talker. But people forget he won a split decision. The other two. I mean, look he's been fantastic. But the rocket like we got a slowdown things here. Like, he's going to be under silver, which most people expect. But he could get clipped you never know. But dude, I didn't see him against a knuckles. Like, I need to see like, I am not ready to talk about all this on and damn John Jones. That's insane. Let's let's the baby steps. John Jones was the last fighter and not even McGregor. John Jones was the last fighter that I saw early. And it was like oh, nobody's beating him. Like, he just has too many tools, but a lot of people start looking at fighters just immediately. Nobody's going to be dillashaw. Nobody's going to be this guy. Nobody's gonna be Cody Garbrandt dot they're going to lose. John Jones is a different beast entirely. Put don't even try to put out a song in that class until he proves it. He just hasn't proven give them some time yet. So that's pretty much. What went down, Emma? May we've got a car this weekend, which will just recap next week and that show boxing. Is really just wanted. Davis gets a new opponent. Because Mahrez is injured be able to talk more about that next week. And you're not going to the fighting. No man after Mars got hurt. You know, I looked at it. And I was just like that would not going to go this reason at the same. So that the same guy like Mars in Davis was the fight. I was really looking forward to going going to. I was going to spend a days we've drawn a Davis spend a few days after Mars have these really great profile pieces on them. Now they've fallen out you don't draw Davis can say like he's trying to say like, oh Ruis is better than Mars stop. You just trying to pump fight. No. He's not cutting. Got to whatever to get that money. Still like, we we know. It's okay. Yes. Sell it. However, you gotta tell it. But not we know also this week well tomorrow for those listening to the show. I mean, we got the Kovolev. Alita Alvarez rematch kkob's last, Dan, this is a he's having a chocolate Tito type of downfall. Good early in the last night, though..

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