Kapler, Red Sox, Majora Rodriguez discussed on ESPNews


What is US to DO backs Kapler wore a plot go to bat nine one two for the twins here the third yeah it's the red Sox for Minnesota nothing. and another key game for the Sox down the stretch trying to claw their way back in the wildcard race first pitcher majora Rodriguez's low change up to our studio the right hander known as locked door to go. for what teammates say is this turtle esque appearance. right handed batter on studio takes. just off the plate away with a cutter ball to. he was like a turtle all over that. swinging bought that it's more to put down. that outages snapping turtle like just everything snap and get that ball is handed. the first. emerged as quickly as he needed to for Michelle. to it for us to deal the pitch. the swing of flair right side it's a preset. studio the flick of the wrist an opposite field single. forty second game of the year two sixty five to ninety three on base three all run sauce to DO is a board to begin the third. well the twins have been brilliant on the road this year they're good home team they are a great road team forty seven and twenty three most road wins in Major League Baseball. for win shy of tying the all time twins.

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