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Minute twenty four. And he has it on the left side. They're trying to find some space. Good move by Watson. Now tripped up still recovered George Davis, really beat aggressive with the foul. Somebody up ended there for Indy. Eleven whenever I booking on the night. Yeah. As George coming back, and I who Mars. Yeah. It's Marsh got taken down. It's going to be del Piccolo who I guess he doesn't learn because just a fresh off of his yellow card accumulation derived suspension is going to be the first player booked. Hey, you know, he's like, hey, we got a new set of cards might as well. Go through got one regular season game plays aggressive as possible. That being said it's it's academic now. But you do you you get the I five is the first suspension and after that it's eight and then after that it's ten and you also pick up a fine for that as well. So at least wants to keep the majority of his game check, he's not going to want to to CDL too many more times. Keep an eye on that one. And he's still having a word from the official. There's going to be I would say we always talk about this and trying to project ahead. But I would assume it's gonna be at least four minutes of added time here is really in through twenty five minutes of play clay Roe. There's been a lot of stops for only through twenty five minutes to play but going back to that August fifth matchup against Indy. Eleven there's already three goals scored by the macaroni was already on the double Illitch scoring Santa the sandwiched between those goals. So a little bit of a different complexion of this one. I also serves it in soft up. I see that one gets over the hand of Greg. Now, it's played back around and Ranjit Singh gets back up to deflect it that was a close when I os. He puts it up high over his right paw. And then it was a second attempt. Greg just misread it. The first time, although luckily did scramble to get on the end of Rainer Ferrara shot of all people the centre-back Necas way forward to the setpiece if maybe an midfielder or mcenery taking that job. I'm not sure if we would be so lucky, but yeah, you just kind of a gray or mistake there by Greg does regain his shape though to get back into flecked does surrender corner. Kick though to Indy here comes from the right corner..

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