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Today to discuss who should get shots. First. Some experts have proposed giving it to health care workers. First high priority also may be given to essential workers, those with certain medical conditions and those 65 up manufacturer. Have already started stockpiling Corona virus vaccine doses in anticipation of eventual approval by the FDA. But the first shots will be in short supply and rationed boxes. Tanya J. Powers There's a house election in Georgia today to fill the rest of the late John Lewis's term. It's between two Democrats, former Morehouse College President Robert Franklin and former Atlanta City Council member Kwanza Hall. That term, however, ends in just a few weeks. Then it will be taken by state legislator Nicky Mo Williams, who won the district selection for the next Congress. Boxes have been brown Americans listening to Fox News. Going door just in time. So you do when. Good morning from the access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom on. Mitch Clark, Georgia secretary of State bread rations Burger. As a warning for groups that are encouraging people to commit a felony in the January 5th runoff election. One such third party group is apparently telling college students to register in Georgia, then change the registration back to their home states right after the election. He's third party groups have a responsibility to not encourage illegal voting. If they do so they will be held responsible for the warning came during a press conference Monday. Where reference, Burger said Georges elections have been safe and secure. Meanwhile, at least 43 of George's 159 counties have completed recounting presidential votes as officials voice confidence that they'll meet tonight's deadline. Cabin. Cobb counties are done scanning ballots, while other big counties like Lynette or expected to wrap up their recount sometime later today, with Fulton expected to be the final county to submit account. County workers are engaged in a marathon day that could last until 11 o'clock. And US representative Austin Scott of Georgia has tested positive for covert 19 that makes him the third Georgia congressman to contract the virus. Scott's chief of staff, Jason Lawrence, confirmed the positive test result on Monday. His statement did not say if Scott was experiencing any symptoms. But he did say he was heating his doctor's advice. There's more news that access Wdun.

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