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Mark more to operate from their own eight yard line moving right to left south to north with back here quarter, number two trade Watson. Back in the bogging running back pretentious, I outta ten. Sam elegant from the shotgun. Looks over the Kansas defense. Sam now looking toward the sideline now for different signal as it back in the gun play clock hundred ten elegant retreat in the God with the staff turns enhanced the Watson up the middle lowers the shoulder across the Tanda the eleven of the twelve yard line trade that's a carry a fool. And wrapped up after that four yard Carey. It'll bring up second down has Kansas. Got Keyshawn Simmons senior from Jackson, Mississippi and all the tax, but just a massive bodies there with a push that time good push on first now second down and six from the taxes. Twelve said one receiver outright white. That's Colin Johnson split wide left. Devon. Slop, laugh, we'll Jordan Humphry. Lineup aid Rebecca the H back role in the left side of the formation. And it is a hand off locks tweets. Let's not good running grungy tray with a first down across the twenty one. Twenty two yard line goes Watson, that's a gain of ten yards and a first after taxes before Keith blocker could wrap him up outstanding block that Calvin Johnson, the big left tackle. He collapses. The left side Watson's able to step to the outside. Get the first down before contact ball on the left hash with three receivers out wide right for taxes clock. Moving eleven forty five to go first half taxes with a seven nothing lead wide right nearest the boundaries. Devon duve. Renee in slots on the right side or little Jordan Humphrey and Colin Johnson on first down and is a hand off Watson up the middle. Again, this time. He's pop hard only a gain of a Cup to look twenty four yard line. Didn't blue jerseys all around a peak shot Simmons, and Brian Lipsky mail, the tackle for the jayhawks. Johnson is Calvin Anderson, but he did a nice job on the previous play that time. They do they had a little stunt upfront. They had a slant come into the short side of the field and ran it right into the slain second nab and eight from the taxes twenty four again, the three whiteout sat on the white side. But the lineup pal Johnson short Southfield split left from the left cashable taxes. Twenty four yard line on second down at eight elegant from the shotgun looking over the hawk defense. Sam the snap and back to throw on second down and swinging. The Watson has to make this any trade to the thirty first down up to the thirty three thirty four yard line. What Jay hawk had a chance to get him. And could not get them eating. Joe deneen junior the linebacker who just flat out missed him would have had him. Instead, it's a ten yard game before Shaquille Taylor can wrap him up. They caught Kansas in a in a a nickel blitz. Saiki blitz coming from the short side of the field. So this man.

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