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I can't stop it. Right. You know, with a hard hat, Fred Flintstone. Yeah. There was no Hispanic there is no anybody of colors, all those guys who work at those place, all the blue collar guys all the mccanns they were white as the driven snow, and they were older. It's true. So trope number one, I tuned in, I dream of Jeannie, ten seconds. It's in the crusher going in the crusher. Trump number two. Tuned into par tram Lii, Keith had address up as a bell. Hop in order to get up to the room of the Princess. And then, of course, she was going to get underneath the service car with, with, with the table cloth, draping them you in their in their getting their push. Got the bell hop uniform. Do you know how many bell get the bellhop uniform and go? It's like it's like they would write their plots based on other sitcoms. They would want just go. We gotta do one of those plots absolutely. There were the DJ Khallid of sitcom writing, which is like, I don't write my own sitcoms, do pointed other never paid out seeing him on SNL juicy him. L home. Let me let me say this. First, lifelock reasons are found privacy's than everyone concern about smart home devices. Sixty eight percent believe devices are listening when you aren't aware and share that the other thirty two percent of people I don't understand why they don't believe it because that is, in fact with these devices are doing one tech giant employs thousands of people to listen to what people say around they're smart featured speaker. There are many ways for cybercriminals to take with yours. And when personal formation is exposed somebody could use it to commit identity theft. Good thing. Lifelock identity theft protection ads..

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