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Or offended me. When i just talked about the transgender. Now my you the only reason. I made that transgender joke was because when i made the joke about being gay in the closet and stuff like that nobody really cared about it. You know or so i thought but i guess they felt like transgenders and this posted this online and i liked the next day i got like a slew messages from people. I went to school with outside people. It literally started a fight. You know like four week and a half people just kept arguing all my clothes. I didn't say no because one. I don't argue with internet i. I'm at the point. I'm like i was like bro. What bathroom y'all woman to meet you at 'cause you're not gonna to sit here and try to bully me on on a pulse i said and that's the problem that i have is like people just to offended like we grew up. Grew up watching. The boondocks grew up watching family. Guys saw parts each rama. The list goes on how you why. Why is everybody so sensitive. So what so like. I've never had nobody in person. Come and say nothing to me. It's always the people online with the biggest cahoon. Us want to sit here. And try to Be tough you know. And like i said if that ever gets that point of of what's going to happen i mean that's why models always swing on somebody day. 'cause tomorrow's not promised my swing on person. I mean because what what about tomorrow. Don't y'all want to remember me for kendra was was mama didn't raise now. Kennedy was out here swinging folks. Because because you know that's what i'm saying like i wanna be somebody's hero doggone going okay but to answer your question. I haven't had nobody. Come at me crazy except on the internet because again people will people always like masterpiece. Say bad about it on the internet. But in real life they are yo- so so kendra said those are you. She dies tomorrow. She don't want nobody light the funeral she wanted to keeping a hundred the funeral. Don't don't make up all this stuff. Just say to say heidi kindred jumping into something that you said there where it kind of again. Piggy piggybacked on what you were saying. Where about i guess people coming at you about something you might have said so. Was there a time when you're performing and everything was like feeling good and you feel confident but it just wasn't it wasn't maybe moving audience where you felt like our our thought it would so you still my question. I was going to say as it. Yeah like sunol. Also what what it is. Is that all right. Let me and also. I wanted to just be clear with everybody. I've never actually gone to a comedy club to perform. Mostly perform at either my job or i will perform Kickbacks little house parties worth a group of people in a way As i've got on you know different podcasts and perform. But i think the worst type of instead of people trying to do i think that silence that dead silence is kind of like okay. What i say wrong here like. Do i clean that out. So sometimes i just pick and choose all right way right. Can i use shock. Or if i can't use this joke. And i'm actually glad for today of sounds because it teaches me how to be better you know and also okay let me just array sett- or maybe i can just use this joke for somebody else. Who really likes so with that being said i mean i hope i never get booed. I hope i never get in riding tomato brown at me. You know 'cause what i'll tell you early. I thought these hands spun case these. Hey i think. I'm going to be honest with you. The same so ghetto. But i always wanted to jump in a fight like i always wanted to push the back and run off like i don't know that. Just kinda wanna do that death on your like me on the bucket list. Climb mount everest sneaker guy in kreil you know i mean it just. I don't know kind of like let me ask. You also have y'all ever been jumped before. No i've never been john. Have you ever jumped somebody. No okay. well. I'm saying. I always just wanted just kind of throw a punch in and then just run off to say punching a day kind jumped in a fight. You know what. I was kind of warm. I never been no real fight before. Because i was always afraid that like i was gonna lose when people say kindred the best learn how to justify. You ain't gonna win every fight of personalities that they want every day out. Don't believe they're just they're guilty until proven innocent in that way. I mean it's it drew. Who said at the beginning that it was going to be interested and you delivering on that interested in right now so so okay so going back to doing the comedy portion of it like considering that you're trying to make this a career. What advice would you tell. Someone is considering one the do want to have a career communist you with somebody told you. I decided this is the road. I wanna go saw. This advice is for anybody actually really going after their dreams. Because i don't want nobody to be like what about me. What about me now. This is vice air by i. Guess what. I'm giving. Y'all something free that she didn't have to pay nine hundred ninety nine plus shipping to handle it off when those infomercials free gay all right first off behind every no there is a yes okay. You're not gonna get everybody. They're going to be some people who believes you on. They're going to be some people who will make like they will like to work. Which you guys. Actually you know. Communicate the day of hours before and that person never shows up. You know that's frustrating. Hope see was credited. Scorgeous lowered every single time. You start off at negative zero okay. They're going to be times where people want you to pay them to have you on their show. No don't you cannot pay your way into fame. I'm about to give you guys a quick breakdown of what i mean by that okay. So let's say somebody a big instagram. Influence has two hundred thousand dollars. They say we'll. I'll put your store. I'll put your post up and my story tomor all my page for one hundred dollars for a day or two. Okay you give them no one hundred dollars. So here's my next question next question. But here's the next thought about it. People don't understand that nine times out of ten with somebody sees a random pulse or an advertisement or whatever it might be they squirrel pass that so you just lost one hundred hundred dollars for what so only have five likes on your page. Now for the people out there who were life kendra. I'm not. I'm not hurting for that money. Well gonna give it to me then. I'm the one who needs all broke college. Kid all right. I i need some real money out here. I'm trump tired of going to the streets. And trying to clamp these shakes. I'm tired a rightist. Booty is worn out. I need help me get. I want to say number two. Don't prostitutes yourself man. 'cause one day i went to the store so earlier this year which is not that long ago. No it's not this year it was in november. Okay so early. Late last year went to the doctor and go. Give me a little rectal exam. Right dodgers like first time ever getting regular. i'll have nothing but accept the tongue back to stored so.

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