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We. We have our areas of focus. It's on providing the best spend optimization capabilities and then the layers of automation ago and turn those insights into action will continue to grow organically so we'll continue to hire and take on new customers and grow. You are employee based from thirteen hundred to something bigger. I'm sure that that four hundred million will be something more next year But we also enjoy a a really strong financial financial profile backed by some industry-leading private equity firms and we are highly acquisitive. So when we see companies that fit our profile L. whether it's a financial profile market or technical profile were pretty quick to strike. So it's an area of the business that that remains really Makita ammon a and B grow organically. It's just hard to project an predict so I can put together a budget for next year. That says we're GONNA grow double digits and I will. We will how. How many companies we by next year? I don't know it's it's really a difficult to to predict we've bought we. Bought three companies last year recently bought a company A quarter and a half ago. Are we going to do on before the end of the year. It's tough to say we've always seems like we're always talking two or three companies but you know not all those resolve ultimate in an acquisition. I think our future's bright to use an overuse cliche here but I think it's all going to center on on building on our current capabilities and helping. CIO's around the world it better insight and take at our action and hopefully helped them contribute to their business. And you know hopefully avoid becoming obsolete. Yeah I'm curious. How do you look for technologies? It seems like you have have a really sharp eye for that. We have a team of people just like I have a sales team. That's that's working a list and develops a pipeline of prospects that they ultimately family cell too. I have a dedicated team of people that do nothing but look at other companies to buy and We profile them by company. This is the type of technology that they have where their corporate headquarters are located. Because it's obviously harder to integrate accompanying Tel Aviv Israel than it would be in Chicago in our backyard so we look at it from a variety of different angles and make our decisions accordingly. It seems like you know being afflicts Aaron is is pretty a great T use your term I know it's one of the things. You're really focused on is to build a top workplace company in a culture that people love to be there. I want to talk a little bit and you definitely have Have Open wreck so faneuil wants to check that out. Just go to FLEX DOT COM and Click on the cruise tab. But I'm curious like what employees the experience like their What does it mean to to to work at the company? What what's the internal tech stack that you got going on it? You know we are so we're a hard drive and company. We think were were moving fast. And keeping pace with the industry everything we do centers around six things. So I'm a every time I talked to a new employee group that comes in because we're always hiring They said they asked me. Jim What does it take to be successful. It's like Sarah and it's really clear in the twenty twenty one years I've been here The the people that are wildly successful at Flex Sarah Exhibit these six things number one candor where no. Bs Environment were candid with one. Another were candid with our customers. Oh by the way. We lifted that right from Jack Welch and GE it's a it's a tried and tested thing and We try to preserve Zurve that and quite frankly as we get bigger becomes harder and harder to preserve that. But we think that we've done a really good job. There are employees really value the fact that we tell them exactly the way it is too we look for people that are passionate. You know the only way I can survive anywhere for twenty one years and we have a lot of people that have been there for decade or two decades. Is You gotTa love what you you do so you know. I get out of bed excited to do what I do. And I think we've got a lot of employees here that love the area of cloud management and helping company. Johnny Saves Money. It's it's not everybody's Cup of tea but the employs at flex air are really really are into that thing We keep score so so. We are a very honorable company. And that that does freak some people out come and join our company when we ranked people and we tell them how they're performing against a quota whoa to publicly or we talk about people and their deadlines in their goals and objectives we We do like to keep score. And we think that that's a key ingredient. You think that were professional. We try to invest as much as we can on employee training just to enhance everybody's skills and then last but not least when we have successes and we've been fortunate enough to have him. We celebrate those successes as much as we can. New are also good good corporate citizens and good citizens of the world. He liked to give back. I think a for for all of your listeners out there I think we can all agree if you're an it or you're a white collar worker with a C.. In front of your title Earth Fury of in working for a CIO. Chances Chances Are you're probably in the top five percent of all global earners in the world and that puts us in rarified air as we look for decent human beings that you know occasionally link give back either in time or money. So what would you say to you know cio or someone that's thinking of working with flex her like what is it like to be a customer. I think I'd go back what it's like to be a customer as a were candid with you were passionate about helping you. Save money will always be professional. We'll all keeps score We will if we say that we're going to do something over a certain amount of time and we jointly describe a plan that's going to hopefully identify taking ten percent of your software costs out of your environment. We're going to do the same types of things that you just heard me refund with my employees with our customers as well. I always tell this posted to people before they sign on the dotted line is we are going to have problems in our relationship. I don't know what they are when they're going to appear. But what you have from me. And my team is our commitment to be very professional and candidates those things that we're gonNA work through them In the very best and fastest way that we possibly can and I do think that. That's a differentiating factor with flexor. I'd I don't think I don't think every software technology providers out there being as forthright and candid ended as flex era is the finish line for many to companies. Regrettably because it gives everybody a black eye is getting the purchase order and cashing the check. uh-huh and frost that's That's an important part of the relationship to be sure but it's certainly not the end of the relationship and it's just really the start line for us that that's me staffed half to start earning Armani and delivering results. So we're you know we're we're we're straight shooter sir. All right let's get into lightning round questions in our fast and easy coach just like the lightning platform from salesforce. You can go to salesforce dot com slash employee experience to learn more about employee employee experience on the world's number one year on that a salesforce. We love sales platform. Check him out. Everyone lighting around questions. Jim Are you ready. I am ready number one. What apple using your phone? That has the most fun. My Tesla car up who. That's a good one. What is your favorite vacation spot Keel Island South Carolina? You do you play Kua. I one of my one of my good friends was their their friend. Worked Kiawah and I could have walked on like fifty five bucks a head of work meeting and I was like Oh my goodness Got To be done. It's a fantastic or S- unfortunately there's a hurricane Americaine right off the beach right now but yeah fantastic spot. What is your favorite thing to cook or eat? Lou Malnati's addy's deep dish sausage pizza. Hoya what about What do you do for fun? I golf in the summer. I ski in the winter and spend as much time in with my family as possible. What are you most excited about for the future technology? I think it's Such the great unknown I mentioned my tesla APP. My Tesla car you know effectively drives most of the way into the office. When I go to bed at night I tell Alexa? Turn off my lights and when I get up I have a control for automation system. The turns on my lights and waters grass. And that's all been done with people that aren't even digital natives and haven't grown up with a phone or an IPAD and I think it's going to be absolutely incredibly fascinating to see what the next Gen of society society and professionals come up with. Because I find that scintillating right now and I think it's only GonNa get incredibly more interesting best advice for a first time. CEO Oh you can't make everybody happy get get your head around that and I think this is an overused cliche. Just be yourself and be authentic. Don't try to be somebody else to see. You isn't GonNa work. What question do do you never get asked that you wish you were asked more often? Why did you decide to study French? Why did you I grew up as a As I grew up in Green Bay Wisconsin first of all which is a tiny little town with a professional sports franchise but I I grew up loving James Bond films and I'd became obsessed with trying to get to every country and city the James Bond and went to in his movies and one of the languages that I heard repeatedly on movies was French so I decided that in order for me to become more James Bond enlightened that I wanted to be a spy that learning French would be a good thing to do and that's why I did it. I love it Jim. This has been awesome. Thanks so much for coming on any final thoughts thoughts anything else to play now. Love Your love what you guys do. And thanks for having myself on and and Laura if you ever do find your way Tequila just You know keep my contacts on file. Now I'd love to have you out there. It's a beautiful. Yeah absolutely would love to end. We'll be falling along and let us know I. Good luck to the raiders thanks. It visionaries is created by the team at Michigan Dot. Org brought to you by by the salesforce customer three sixty platform the number one cloud platform for digital transformation of every experience build connected experience empower every the employees and deliver continuous innovation with the customer. At the center of everything you do learn more at salesforce dot com slash platform.

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Jim What, CIO, Salesforce discussed on IT Visionaries

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