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Set it. Protect your jobs defend your borders and continue making America great again Blackburn is in a tight race with democrat frill medicine. It's also a working weekend for a former president saying the character of the country is on the ballot. Former President Obama rally Democrats in Gary, Indiana, the main reason. Sure. Joe Donnelly to the US cinder Donnelley's one of several Democrats up for reelection in red states. President Trump will be an Indiana tomorrow to campaign for his Republican challenger, Mike Braun. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News immigration is a key issue in President Trump's pushed to keep the GOP in power. And he's sounding alarmist thousands of Central American migrants make their way through Mexico toward the US border. So the plan is Cordoba tonight Pueblo tomorrow Mexico City on Tuesday, they may stay there for maybe three days breaking up a little bit. Some detectives maybe some California boxes William lodge in Veracruz Mexico last week. President Trump suggested US troops deployed to the border should respond with force if the migrants attack them Ogden Utah's mayor on leave while serving in Afghanistan is the latest victim of a so-called insider attack officials saying thirty nine year old Brent Taylor was fatally shot by one of his Afghan trainees. This is Fox News. And now the lens of liberty. Here's Helen krieble. Man recently discovered that his neighbors had astonishing control over his home. He just wanted to add a new round stoop to match the character of the old house. But because he lives in a historic district. His neighbors were able to stop him. He found out that they had no control, however over paint colors. So he painted the house lime green with purple belt. The nuts. Very soon may all decided maybe the stoop wouldn't be so bad after all. And a compromise was reached if they had all left I through the lens of liberty. They might have realized that all governments even homeowners. Associations have more important things to worry about than the shape of our fronts. Go-to lens of liberty dot org. You won't believe what you hear. Mother nature can't vote on Tuesday. But she has the power to affect voter turnout. Once you go over towards eastern parts of Minnesota where it's going to be cold. My maybe a little bit of snow falling. Then get in around the Ohio valley, some severe weather possible. Very windy conditions and very rainy. So while we keep on saying get out and vote. Also, do it safely because there will be some severe weather out. There be paying very close attention. If you're out kind of away from your home, and where do you normally would be if there's some severe weather that hits you'd have a plan to get to a safe place as well. Fox News meteorologist Rick reichmueller gas prices dropping eight cents in the last two weeks, the national average now two dollars and eighty five cents per gallon in this panel of cities Honolulu is the high average three eighty two and the lowest Tulsa with two thirty nine for regular grade industry analyst trilby Lundberg says the price has come down twelve cents in the past month fueled by lower oil prices unearthing, some ancient history at the home of George Washington. Dominic Anderson in Jared Phillips, a pair of high school students from Akron, Ohio. Uh-huh. Dug up something really old and George Washington's backyard a seven by three inch axe head from the fourth millennium. BC definitely not the same one used by young George to chop down that cherry tree. The students were part of an archaeological dig at the Virginia home of the father of our country. The two teams were helping to map out the dimensions of what's believed to have been a slave cemetery. When they made their discovery, the fine, quote provides a window onto the lives of individuals who lived here nearly six thousand years ago say Sean Devlin curator of archaeological collections of mount Vernon. Historians say the area was used by Virginia Indians as much as eight thousand years ago. Karen, McHugh, Fox News and air force mascot falcon is recovering after being injured at West Point during a prank yesterday before a football game. In air force academy spokesperson, saying Aurora. The twenty two year old bird was able to fly around in her pen.

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