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We need to be hiring people like myself. Other people with mental health backgrounds or just other various experience. This is the second recruiting class in fairfax county receiving a $15,000 sign on bonus. Several jurisdictions in our area have been offering those bonuses to increase hiring. Some say the land being developed by a brewery in Prince William county is actually a cemetery, and they want the Department of Justice to step in. Thoroughfare of Virginia was home to freed slaves and Native Americans, and according to Frank Washington, several parcels of land were final resting places. Two years ago, the land was acquired in a tax sale, a sale Washington says was illegal because cemeteries don't need to pay taxes. This got some materials basically at this point has been bulldozed at least four times. He's calling on the DoJ to conduct a federal hate crime probe as a lawsuit against the new owners, the farm brewery broad run continues, the county has also been sued for allowing the sale. Owner Michelle dewitt says two archeological studies have been done and no evidence of a cemetery was found. She claims Washington's organization coalition to save historic thoroughfare continues to harass the brewery with baseless lawsuit and press release as void of any truth or legal merit, the county is in commenting on the matter, Mike Morello, WTO news. Last week, WTO's Neil augenstein told us he was recovering nicely from surgery after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer back in November, and this morning he joins us with a very latest. You'll remember in December I started one pillar day targeted therapy to deal with cancerous lesions and lymph nodes in both of my lungs. Now a week after the lobectomy to remove the lobe where my cancer started, my oncologist tells me I have no evidence of disease. You've heard of remission. That's just for blood cancers, any day means the same thing for cancers involving tumors. There's no evidence of cancer anywhere in my body. From here, I'll keep taking my targeted therapy and have CT scans often those scans can see any activity down to millimeters, so if cancer were to occur in my lungs or elsewhere, it would be much easier to treat. That is outstanding. Neil augenstein keep the good news coming

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